The Manchester Regiment 1758 - 1958

The Museum of the Manchesters


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The Museum is a great experience, well worth a visit

The Museum of the Manchester Regiment


Mondays to Saturdays: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Welcome to the Museum of the Manchester Regiment. The Museum tells the story of the Regiment and its soldiers through 200 years of history, from 1758 until 1958.

Follow the Regiment from the colonial wars of the Red Coats in the eighteenth centuries to the Citizens Armies of the First and Second World Wars. Enjoy the fine collection of weapons, uniforms and medals, and step inside the First World War trench for an experience of what life was like on the Western Front.

New features include:

* Extended World War One Trench.
* New medals room featuring 5 Manchester Regiment Victoria Crosses and extensive range of medals.
* Interactive exhibits to help visitors understand more about life in the Manchester Regiment.
* Objects never previously on display.

The Forshaw Gallery, through exciting new displays, including a jeep, uniforms, a superb badge collection and interactives, visitors are able to explore regimental life in the past, present and future.