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Up date on the Thorpe brothers
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It's sometime since I ask for help in tracing my uncles, Samual and Stanley Thorpe. I have made a little progress. Stanley Philip Thorpe, 2nd Battalion Manchester regiment. Service number 3532417. Reported missing France 10/05/1940. He failed get back to Dunkirk in time for evacuation. Reported a prisoner May 1941. During this 12 month period, he was taken in by a Frence farming family, the Duvall's, whose farm was near Montivillies Normandy. They passed him off as a distant nephew. Then one morning he was taken by the German army. Little more is known until his incarceration in Stalag V111B/ Landorf. Where amongst our work he spent sometime working in a sawmill. He was repatriated 10/02/1945 a disturbed and sick young man.
Samuel Lewis Thorpe, 1st Battalion Manchester regiment. Service number 3534667. Was captured at the fall of Singapore. 15/02/1942. He spent time in various pow camps. Including, Malai 4, Fukuoka 13, and Tokyo, where he worked in an iron foundry. He was finally liberated in Japan, 06/09/1945.