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for charlie
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:00:04 AM »
hiya Charlie,heres another POW for the database

2nd battalion
2528 alexander mangan.14 garthover rd,liverpool[A.coy]
alex was reported killed on 26th august 1914,his personal effects were sent to his father pte 2679 Patrick mangan on 16-1-15,on 24th February 1915 the war office sent his family a letter stating that alex name has appeared in a list of exchanged POWs from Germany and that he had been admitted to queen alexanders hospital London on 17th February.
he was taken to the 6th field hospital at le cateau with wounds to his upper+lower leg
alexanders right leg was amputated at the thigh

ICRC PA399 and PA1361

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Re: for charlie
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Many thanks Mack, good find. I‘ll add him to the database.