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RAF/RFC Officers Casualty Forms
« on: March 19, 2018, 08:13:12 AM »
The RAF Museum has released a new set of officers records. They are the Casualty Forms, (not to be confused with the Casualty Cards) which are in effect a mini service record. The records can be searched either by name or regiment. Searching for Manchester Regt Officers brings up a list of about 150.

It is best to search for a person using only his surname as there is not a set format for the initials, using full stops could produce a different list.

Something has gone wrong with the digitizing as the fronts and backs of the form are not linked and only the front is automaticaly shown. To get round this highlight the URL and change the last digit e.g. change 7 to 8 etc, hit return and the back of the form will be shown. Bear in mind that the persons entry may have more than one form.

I have attached screen shots of JB McCudden‘s Casualty Form as an example of what is shown.


Well done to the RAF Museum for not selling the records to Ancestry or the like.
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Re: RAF/RFC Officers Casualty Forms
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Thanks.  A very useful research tool.  I traced a few to "Transfers of Manchester Regt. to RFC/RAF" also.  Starting with L.O. Whitfield.   PhilipG.