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3522469 Pte F Gill
« on: March 06, 2017, 09:28:49 PM »
Hello all.

I would very much appreciate some assistance with this soldier's history. He served with the 2nd. Battalion in the early '30s [and maybe late '20s] and was entitled to an India General Service medal with the Burma 30-32 clasp. I have this medal as part of a much larger group [of seven] and have a copy of the roll confirming the award.

In the '30s he changed horses at some time, transferring as Private to the King's Own Royal Regiment, gaining the Palestine clasp GSM later in that decade [again confirmed on roll]. At a later time he transferred again to the RE as a Sapper and gained his LSGC medal. His WW2 medals are the 39-45 and Burma Stars, the Defence and War Medals.

If anyone is able to provide any details of his service in the Manchesters I would be hugely grateful. Also, should anyone be able to identify his Christian name, that would help with census searches, etc. The only information I have been able to glean has come from his medal rolls above.

A long shot I know, but I would very much appreciate anything that came to light.

Many thanks



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Re: 3522469 Pte F Gill
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His number indicates a 1927/1928 enlistment date.

Email the Local Studies Library on the following address and ask for an "Enlistment Book ChecK"

It will provide much of the detail you are missing.



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Re: 3522469 Pte F Gill
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Thank you so much for a prompt and helpful reply. I'll contact them today and, hopefully, these parts of the jigsaw will at least become visible.

If I can piece together his Manchester's history, the next task will be to unravel his subsequent regimental changes. He may have been a Chindit, depending upon what happened when he left the King's Own for the RE.

Thank you once again.