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Private Sidney Stevenson 3656933
« on: September 21, 2016, 09:45:55 PM »
Hello to all, I have recently received my Grandads service records and they state he joined 15/01/1940 and was posted to the 7th Manchester Regiment 19/06/1940. After that it appears he transferred to the Army catering corps 02/10/1942. After passing the trade tests he was posted back to the 7th Manchesters and embarked for BLA 15/10/1944. He disembarked to the uk 11/02/1946 with very good military conduct.

I have tried to find out details of the Army catering corps to no avail, and I have but a few sketchy details from my family about being at Bergen Belson and ending up in Hamburg. He himself never spoke of his time in the Army.

Would it be possible to offer up any further details of the context of the Army catering corps and how it supported the overall effort. I remember how good his Tata hash was.

Any information greatly received.

Kind regards
Danny Stevenson

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Re: Private Sidney Stevenson 3656933
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Welcome Danny

Have a look at the following if you have not seen them before:

Try posting your Question on their Forum:

Hope this helps.

Good hunting. Cliff
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Re: Private Sidney Stevenson 3656933
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Hello Cliff,

Many thanks for the links, I will have a peruse this weekend.

Kind regards