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Private Edward Turner.
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I have attached a copy of the Warrant of Discharge of Edward Turner from Kilmainham Hospital, Dublin. Edward was discharged from the 50th Regiment of Foot but was previously in the 63rd Regiment of Foot. I have also attached a transcription of the document as the original is difficult to read.
The reason for Edward Turners discharge was that he was blind. I have investigated the chronology of his service from his service record and concluded that he enlisted with the 63rd when this regiment returned from the West Indies in June 1799. The regiment was depleted due to disease but was brought up to strength by recruitment from the militias. The regiment then saw action in the Netherlands. The 50th Regiment of Foot saw action against Napoleon in Egypt and became known as the Blind Half Hundred due to the high incidence of eye problems during this campaign. It is possible that Edward transferred to the 50th regiment when both the 63rd and the 50th Regiment arrived together in Malta.
The surgeon had suspicions that the eye problems in the 50th were self inflicted and after intercepting mail from the patients family reached the conclusion that the soldiers were rubbing a potion in to the eye to effect blindness. A bit like the Blighty wound of later campaigns.
I have not  confirmed the connection with my family yet but I believe that Edward is the brother of my great great great grandfather Arthur Turner born Newtown, Montgomeryshire October 1771.