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Re: Bradford colliery and the Manchesters
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22903 walter Heaney,29 cross st,bradford Manchester,killed in action 20-7-16,23rd manchesters,miner+waggoner

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Re: Bradford colliery and the Manchesters
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Thanks again Pete, won't have any time over next week or so to make any further progress. A trip to Phillips Park cemetery is on the cards soon which may shed a bit of light. There are a few of my family residing there which is the main reason for the visit but no harm in looking at the military graves I suppose


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Re: Bradford colliery and the Manchesters
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My Great Grandfather, Charles Beswick, worked as a hewer at Bradford Colliery and joined the 21st Bn The Manchester Regiment. His Service number was Pvt. 19996 and later in the war he was transferred to the Labour Corps (No. 30088). Great Grandfather was born in 1881 and baptised on 17th April that year at St Jude's Church in Ancoats. He was the eldest son of Jonathan and Mary Ann Beswick (nee Perry). Jonathan and Mary had six other children including another boy, they called Jonathan, who also became a collier. Jonathan Jnr emigrated to Australia before the start of WWI and worked in the coal mine in Wonthaggi.

It is likely that Charles Beswick was injured at some point during the War, which was why he was was in the Labour Corps at the end of the conflict. After the war he did not return to the pit but set up as an independent fruiterer.

He died at the early age of 48 on 1st Feb 1929 leaving his widow and ten surviving children. [One of these was my Great Uncle Bobby (Robert Beswick RN.) who was an Ordinance Artificer on board SS Ceramic when she was torpedoed off the Azores on 7th December 1942. Of the 656 men, women and children on board, one soul survived.]

Great Grandfather is buried with his wife at Philip's Park Cemetery. She died in 1970 so I can just remember her.

I am very grateful to this site for pointing me in the right direction for filling in some of the important gaps in my knowledge of Great Grandfather and actually finding a photograph of him. I found once I had discovered the regimental photograph by loading photographs of my Beswick relatives and that army photograph into Picasa the tagging process soon pinpointed him. Now when I look at him I see the look my aunt (his granddaughter) so often gives. Quite remarkable.
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Re: Bradford colliery and the Manchesters
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Thanks for all your replies. Unfortunately last summer I was forced to shelve my project due to the untimely death of my wife after a (very) short battle against cancer. As I'm sure you will realise my mind has hardly been on research.
I do intend in the future to recommence this project but at present I'm rather busy ferrying my son to his numerous sporting events (6 days a week) and doing all the other things associated with life in general.
Please continue to post any further information though don't be offended if i don't respond for a while as I'll probably be ironing, mopping, sewing, cleaning............
My son and i will get better, were just not sure when yet!



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Re: Bradford colliery and the Manchesters
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Sorry to hear of your lose and wish you and your son
all the best for the future.


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Re: Bradford colliery and the Manchesters
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Simon, really sorry to hear your terribly sad news. The thread will still be here when you get chance in the future. In the meantime if we find any new information we'll post it.


Pte Sidney Lee (36719), 2nd Battalion, Worcestershire Regt - dow 18.02.17
Sgt Charles Roberts (13668), 11th Bn, Manchester Regiment - kia 18.05.18
Bombardier John Hesford (70065), 147th Heavy Battery, RGA dow - 04.09.18
Pte Sidney Lee (4131324), 8th Bn, Cheshire Regiment -  kia 12.03.41