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Hello, my name is Chris Smith and I help to run the Heilbron Commando Anglo-Boer War Re-enactment Society. About two years ago, we realised that there was a need for us to represent the British side as well as the Boer side at our living history events. This aim has now come to fruition. We have chosen to depict elements of the 1st Bn, the Manchester Regiment, as this battalion was active at the Battle of Platrand/Wagon Hill outside Ladysmith in January 1900, an engagement at which the Orange Free State's Heilbron Commando was also present. We are already in khaki and are continuing our research and collecting to ensure that our depiction is as accurate as possible. If you have any specific information on the Manchester Regiment (1st or 2nd Battalion) in this period (including anecdotes and photographs), please let me know.

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Re: Ist Battalion Manchester Regiment in Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902
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Very interesting to hear from you and to learn of your interest in the Manchester Regiment.  Apart from Ladysmith Day being a traditional regimental holiday, still observed by the Regiment's successor regiment, there is a Ladysmith Gallery in the museum, the gateway to Ladysmith Barracks still stands and one of the main shopping malls in Ashton-under-Lyne is called The Ladysmith. 

In February 2000 a number of events were held to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the lifting of the siege and the relief of Ladysmith.The Preston branch of the Regimental Association held a dinner at Fulwood Barracks and their guests of honour were Margaret Parker and her sister Katherine Shannon, great grand-daughters of James Pitt VC and Alastair Kinnaird, great grandson of Robert Scott VC - the two VC heroes of Caesar's Camp.  The main events took place in Ladysmith itself when a large number of serving and retired soldiers joined the Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester and the Mayor of Tameside plus a number of friends of the Regiment. 

During the previous year funds had been raised by the Manchester Regiment Officers Association to repair and refurbish the 1st Battalion Memorial at Caesar's Camp. The appeal had been highly successful and the necessary work carried out under the care and supervision of Brian Kaighan, Deputy Chairman of the Ladysmith Historical Society.

I will send some information to you on your own email address which will be of help to you.  I will include Brian's email as he is very knowledgeable on the activities of The Manchesters in SA and being on the spot may be of asistance.


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Re: Ist Battalion Manchester Regiment in Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902
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Welcome Chris,
There is a book that I have just finished called 'Rough diary of the doings of the 1st Battalion Manchester Regiment during the South African War
', by Marden &  Newbigging, published in 1902 which may be of use. I could not remove it from the library unfortunately.