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« on: February 20, 2015, 11:29:28 PM »
Hi Everyone,

My name is Mike and the Admin/Mods have asked me to take over looking after the war grave section for the forum.

Shortly i will be putting up a list of cemeteries/memorials in England set out by County that have Manchester Regiment lads laid to rest in them. As i am able i will be checking off the ones that we already have on the Flickr pages, marking them in blue. If you live anywhere near the cemeteries/memorials that are left or you are planning to visit an area that have war graves not marked in blue then please contact me for details on the casualties we are looking for.

As time progresses i will be adding more Countries where there are Manchester Regiment lads buried so if you are planning holidays abroad please check the list and then if you feel you will be able to get to take any photos for the forum please PM me for the details.

If anyone has any photos they would like to donate to the forum, again please PM me for details on where and how to send them. All photo donates hugely appreciated and it may well help someone in the future with their military or family history.

I hope that i will be able to carry on the good work already done by Tisgranny, Liverpool Annie and Tonyrod who i know are sorely missed by all on the forum.

Kind regards


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Re: Introduction
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Hi Mike and welcome

We on the administration team all know of your work and are really pleased to have you on board. We have all volunteered for this project and help out when we can


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Re: Introduction
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Hi Chris,

Thank you for the welcome. I am about halfway through doing the UK listings at the moment, its taking longer than i expected as i am going through on average about 10,000 listings per county and pulling out the ones we need. Hopefully it won't be to long before i have this finished and ready for putting up. Would one of the Admin team please create a sub-section under the war graves, something like Cemeteries/Memorials with Manchester Regt Lads listed. It would be good to have this sub-sectioned as there are going to be a lot of listing threads with doing the rest of the world as well.


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Re: Introduction
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Hi Mike, welcome on board!


Pte Sidney Lee (36719), 2nd Battalion, Worcestershire Regt - dow 18.02.17
Sgt Charles Roberts (13668), 11th Bn, Manchester Regiment - kia 18.05.18
Bombardier John Hesford (70065), 147th Heavy Battery, RGA dow - 04.09.18
Pte Sidney Lee (4131324), 8th Bn, Cheshire Regiment -  kia 12.03.41


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Re: Introduction
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Thanks Pete