Author Topic: ICRC report on Münster(Westfalen) PoW Camp - translation  (Read 5675 times)

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ICRC report on Münster(Westfalen) PoW Camp - translation
« on: November 17, 2014, 01:50:49 PM »
There are 3 camps at different points outside the town. Mainly a French camp. At one site there are barrack blocks and at the other sites German Army barracks.

The huts are laid out in four blocks. They are arranged well. On the four sides of the blocks are the accommodation areas and in the middle the area for interior economy. There are large exercise areas around the blocks. The blocks are separated by wide roads. Each block contains a Chapel.

Every prisoner has three blankets.

Food: Inadequate rations are complained about here as well. In the infirmary it is very good.

Workshops: Well equipped for Cobblers and Tailors. The prisoners employed in the workshops receive extra bread and sausage.

Employment: as well as haulage and roadworks, working in the ore and coal mines has started. The prisoners receive the same wages as the German workers. 50 Pfennigs per day are paid in cash, the rest is paid into a bank account, the savings are to be given to the prisoner on his release.

Sanitary facilities: Foul water sewers and a treatment works in camp 3. Showers and baths twice weekly.

There is an infirmary with 350 beds which at the time of the visit 180 were occupied - included 57 wounded, 0.6% sick mostly non serious.

Postal situation: very good. French prisoners are employed in the letter and parcel post offices.

Financial: The bank functions faultlessly. An average of 50 - 60000 Mark is paid in monthly.

Church services and spiritual welfare: All camps have their own Protestant and Catholic Padres.

Punishment: Open and close arrest are used as punishment. Tying to the stake is not used.

The Commandant of the camp is a fine fellow. A statement by a French intermediary reports that the relationship between the prisoners and the officers and others set above them is very good.

There is also a Theatre here.