Author Topic: ICRC report on Soltau PoW Camp - translation  (Read 6980 times)

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ICRC report on Soltau PoW Camp - translation
« on: November 17, 2014, 07:59:44 AM »
The largest camp visited, mainly Belgians.

Accommodation - good. The woodwool counterpanes are regularly aired and beaten. Those who have no overcoat receive three, the others two. Everyone has a washbasin and two hand towels. The barrack blocks are run by the prisoners own NCO's.

Treatment is generally praised. Punishment does not often occur. The withdrawal of correspondence privilege as punishment does not occur.

The postal situation has improved according to a French intermediary. Approximately 100000 letters are received or despatched every week.

Food situation. The question of food is an important matter, especially the question of bread. The camp Commandant and his family eat the same bread as the prisoners, the quality of which is good. The food ration is described as inadequate. The kitchens are well equipped and clean.

Sanitary facilities. Showers, washrooms, electric clothes dryers, central heating system for all 72 barrack blocks, light and power supply is without fault.

Employment. Those who carry out skilled work receive a wage and better food, those who work in the post rooms receive the same. Unskilled workers are modestly paid.

Welfare facilities. A large bank is in operation, funded through large sums from France and Belgium.

Welfare fund. Big supply of clothing. Each prisoner received free of charge two sets of clothing and two pairs of shoes. The prisoners breed rabbits and will shortly begin to plant potatoes.

Education classes are held. Academically capable prisoners also give university level classes. These are all well attended.

Choir and orchestra. Theatre productions are played every Sunday.

The Infirmaries are like everywhere else - very good.

The general state of heath of the prisoners is very good. Only 1.2% of the 30000 prisoners are ill.

Of special note, there are no German soldiers within the confines of the camp. Everything is controlled by the prisoners themselves.