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Re: William Graham from Stockport
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If I can add my 2d (I can remember having 2d as pocket money) ;D

If you are still going with South Wales Borderers. They where at Rorke's Drift (thought I would mention it.) Worth reading this link.

Taken from the link.
Middle East and Other Theatres
The 2nd Battalion provided the only British contribution, a symbolic one, to the Japanese invasion of Tsingtao -- a German naval base in China that was the base of the East Asiatic Squadron. Shortly after the capture of Tsingtao, the battalion arrived in Hong Kong and then back home in January 1915.
Can you get malaria in Hong Kong ???
Just a thought. ;)

John martin

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Re: William Graham from Stockport
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    have been looking at this again & Hurst is written on the post card the way I would spell it! Then the alarm bells rang what if its "hirst" joins a local Regiment East riding Regiment then S.W.B. & is part of an advanced party taking over at Salonika?
                                        John Martin