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My fathers records
« on: April 16, 2008, 12:35:12 PM »
Am not sure if I am right place but here goes.

I would like to find  my father 's war time military records but don't how to do this.

He was Lt Col Edward Bernard Brennan 1910 - 1983

He signed on in 1939 I think and served until 1945. Yes he was in Manchester Regiment but
he was a doctor and RAMC figured in the letters after his name. He served in France (Dunkirk) Kenya and in Northern India/Burma

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Re: My fathers records
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Welcome susang  ;D

Your fathers military record will be in Glasgow with the Veterans Agency.  You can download the application form from their website here:

I'm going to move your post to the WW2 area of the forum, where those who have a special interest in that period will notice your message.

Kind regards
Wendi  :)
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Re: My fathers records
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Thanks wendi !