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ICRC documents translation
« on: August 27, 2014, 07:26:08 AM »
This is a translation of image 181. It seems to be the standard form used, but there are bound to be exceptions.

Cell 1: Serial number ( on list)

Cell 2: a. Surname, b. Normaly used christian name,  c. Only for Russians 1st name of father, but has been used for Regtl

Cell 3: Rank

Cell 4: a&b. Regt or Corps, c. Company

Cell 5: a&b. Date and place of capture, c. Previous whereabouts Line b has also been used to record if the PoW
          had been wounded or not.

Cell 6 a. Date and place of birth. b&c name and address of NoK.

Image 190 is an example of the reference card and has all the mistakes possible on it. The information needs, were possible, conformation. It should also be noted that the reference cards are not in strict alphabetical order.

Joe has been spelt Goe
My G Uncles date of capture was the 27 May 18 and not 27 Apr
The reference number is also wrong it should read 38381 not 38581

If the reference number leads to a dead end which some of them do, it may well be worth while looking at possible alternatives. As can been seen all is not lost if the reference card information isn't really what has been searched for.

Happy hunting

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Re: ICRC documents translation
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Question answered!
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