Author Topic: Manchester POW's ....... Help please  (Read 6652 times)


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Manchester POW's ....... Help please
« on: May 13, 2014, 10:12:25 PM »
Hi All
this is more than a long shot think it will be impossible

Looking for ww2 info on Douglas Henry Hill dob 12/8/1916 he became a POW when Singapore fell .............

I have no service number all I have is he was in the Manchester's. I have tried everywhere Ancestory, findmypast etc etc but no luck.

was just hoping there maybe some FEPOW list for Men from Manchester or anything online I can search or if any member has any thoughts/ideas.

if I can find just his service number that would be a great start

Many thanks
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Re: Manchester POW's ....... Help please
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I have some info on another PoW whose surname begins with "H" and on one of the documents of which I have a copy there appears to be a Pte D Hill with the number 3536636.
It's not a good copy so I may be wrong.
Good luck.
Bob B


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Re: Manchester POW's ....... Help please
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that's great news ............ it really gives me a good starting point fingers crossed this is my man


The service number does cover the Manchester Regiment ............ good so far
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