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John Broadbent, 3rd VB
« on: June 13, 2012, 07:34:30 PM »
Timberman posted the Wikipedia entry for John Broadbent in "The Snippets" section.

The below quote caught my eye as I had not heard of him before.

Broadbent served as part of the detachment the battalion sent to serve with the regular army during the Second Boer War.

I can find no record of him serving at any rank with the Volunteer Service Companies of the Manchester Regiment.

Does anyone have any further information to assist in backing up this Wikipedia entry please?


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Re: John Broadbent, 3rd VB
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The only mention I have come across regarding Captain Broadbent is as follows:

At the end of the war the 3rd Volunteer Service Company sailed from Durban on the transport Syria making the journey from Capetown to Southampton in just twenty days, arriving one day earlier than expected on 23 June. Captain Broadbent had earlier travelled down from Ashton to Southampton to meet the returning men and sent a telegram to Colonel Eaton warning him of their early arrival and probable arrival time back in Ashton. As the result of this there was a hastily assembled parade at the Ashton Armoury at 8pm and a large crowd began to assemble at the station.

He certainly did not serve with any of  the VSCs.



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Re: John Broadbent, 3rd VB
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Thanks Robert