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For Tim Richard William Leslie Wain
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Tim not sure if you have this?

Added because of his connection with the 17th Bn.

Richard William Leslie Wain

He was commissioned into the Manchester Regiment on 16 July 1915 and served on the Western Front from March 1916.  On 1st July 1916, took part in 17th Manchester’s attack on Montauban. Lt Kenneth Callan-McArdle's diary recalls: “The ground was so rough and broken with shell holes that when I lay down under our barrage, I found myself ahead of the first line – I had four men left. The 17th had advanced too quickly. We had done it all at the slowest walk and been quite unchecked – so we lay down for forty minutes, under the shells, waiting. Waiting is hard. We were to rush the village at 9:56. The time came. I was watching “A” Coy to see them rise and the seconds ticked on. I hailed a sergeant and asked him, shouting in his ear, where his officers were. “All gone, Sir”, he shouted back.  I caught a glimpse of young Wain, his face haggard with pain, one leg soaked with blood, smoking a cigarette and pushing himself forward with a stick. His voice was full of sobs and tears of pain and rage. “Get up you …….s. Blast your souls – get up”. I waved to him and he smiled and dropped – he knew it was not absolutely up to him any longer. We of “B” Coy took over, for he was the last of “A” Coy officers and their Sergeant Major was also killed."   He was subsequently promoted to Lieutenant on 12 July and acting Captain in November 1916.

Although he was a serving Officer of the Manchester Regiment
the VC is claimed by the Royal Tank Corp

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Re: For Tim Richard William Leslie Wain
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Thanks for the nudge.  I'm starting with the DCMs as they relate to the other ranks; and closer to the perspective I'm following.

Richard Wain ticks many boxes for me as a St Bees old boy, subaltern in my Grandad's Company and postumous VC Winner.  Here's a picture

Following one Platoon and everything around them....