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Re: Harry Middleton 3526743
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Jap PoW card

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Re: Harry Middleton 3526743
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Emma, Michael has confirmed that he made a mistake with the Service number.  3526713 is correct.
Cliff P Son of 3525679 Sgt Arthur Phillips 1st Bn Manchester Regiment and RAPC

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Re: Harry Middleton 3526743
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Hi again Emma,
Tonyrod has checked the Records and has found that Harry MIDDLETON details were as follows :-

Date of Birth 6th July, 1916.
Date of Death Registered - December 1989.
Age at Death - 73.
Registered District - Sutton, Surrey, Volumes 15; Page 54.

You have already received his Jap. P.O.W. Card so now have the complete information we have of him. Along with lots of photographs and information from Cliff and others. Maybe if you were to check trying to contact a Local Paper of that area their Archives may be able to assist you with copies of any information details relating to a possible Obituary etc or similar.
If anything else turns up we will pass it along to you.

All the best.


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Re: Harry Middleton 3526743
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Dear George, and everyone else who has helped me in my search for information on Harry. Apologies for not responding sooner, I've been away on holiday. However whilst away I managed to catch up with my Mum and update her on all the information I had managed to gather from you all. Needless to say she was absolutely overwhelmed and so grateful to you all for taking the time to respond.

Having bought the book that Robert suggested, my Mum has taken it away with her and she is going to look through old family photographs to see if she can identify him in the pictures that Cliff sent me. If she is successful, of course I will let you know.

Thank you all again for your time and memories and if I find it anything more I will obviously let you all know
Best wishes