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Re: john westwood
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Hopefully I've attached his photo!
Any thoughts, please?

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Re: john westwood
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the best thing to do is download the platoon photo from the city battalions photo project section,he was in E.coy,XVII platoon,then enlarge it,three quarters of the men in the picture can be eliminated,use a black marker to dub out those who are definately not him,there wont be many left so you may have a chance of spotting him.

mack ;D
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Re: john westwood
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Try third row from the back 2nd left   your left as you look


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Re: john westwood
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Thank you for the suggestions, it seems to narrow down to about 3 possibilities.
One more questions - so should I assume he was actually with this 22nd/17th platoon when he died or with the 24th as CWGC records?

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Re: john westwood
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hes recorded with the 24th manchesters,its likely he was killed by shell fire,the 24th manchesters were digging assembly and fighting trenches near guinchy,most of the time under heavy shell fire,it would account for why he has no known grave,the battalion managed to recover most of their dead,in the cases of some of those missing,there wasnt anything to bury,a heavy shell leaves no trace of a man when it lands.
the battalion recieved a draft of 20 men from the reserve battalion in late may,he may have been one of them.

mack ;D

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Re: john westwood
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I agree with mack, the 24th bn, the site SDGW (soldiers died in the great war ) also have his death listed with the 24th,
update, on looking through the deaths for August up to the 25th/Aug 1916  that was the only death in the 24th bn,   
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Re: john westwood
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Thank you.
Re the platoon photo the consensus is either third row from back, second left or same row third from right (chin hidden by cap in front),

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Re: john westwood
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I have found a J.Westwood on the Roll of Honour submitted for publication at the beginning of the Great War, indicating that he worked in the Paving Dept. of Manchester Corporation's Highways  Dept.   Would this be the man about whom you are enquiring?

I came across the 24th Manchesters when I was researching the Great War poets Siegfried Sassoon and Robert Graves in the 1990's for, like the 24th Bn., they too were in the Bois Francais trenches in 1916 serving with the Royal Welch Fusiliers.   For valid reasons for which I will not bore you, it was essential when visiting this part of the Western Front, to visit Point 11O New Military Cemetery. This cemetery lies along an unpaved road and is not to be confused with Point 11O Old Mil. Cem., which is the first cemetery you come to as you negotiate this rough track which leads eventually, to the former rear areas where the
 troops assembled, a position known as the Citadel.

On a visit in 1994 to Point 11O New Cem., I found a whole row of about 11 graves relating to the 24th Mcrs.  My eye was particularly drawn to the grave of No. 14585 Pte. Geo.O'Neil, where the spelling of his surname was wrong. (Now corrected).  I decided  to look into the matter and, amongst other things, discovered that on the 6th and 7th February 1916, the battalion had come under intense enemy fire during which it suffered very heavily.   Not only were there private soldiers who had been killed and wounded on that occasion, but an officer - Lt. T.J.C.Murdoch, Regimental Sgt. Major Gartside and C.S.M.  Coop, had also been killed.- quite a loss to the battalion.  The graves of these three brave men can be seen in Point 11O Old Cem.

Lastly, if you have not already bought the book "Cotton Town Comrades" (with a Forward by Robert Bonner), I suggest you hasten to do so. Regards. PhilipG.


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Re: john westwood
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The book Cotton Town Comrade is now out of print.


A CD of Oldham's Battalions 1899 - 1938 It has been produced by the Oldham
branch of the Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society who
have scanned three rare out of print books:
Amateur Soldiers; The Oldham Battalion of Comrades; Cotton Town Comrades.

If you follow this link and go to their book page.

it was £5.00 (£4.35 ex-VAT) when I got mine

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Re: john westwood
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Philip and Timberman,
Apologies for my tardy reply but am in France with variable internet access till early October. However thank you for your all the information which I will follow up. I have got a copy of Cotton Town Comrades, however.
The Point 110 cemeteries are on my agenda to revisit now, thank you,

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Re: john westwood
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hi Bob, Any chance of any grave photo's of the Manchester  regiment you come across  always on the look out for them for our flicker site, on the main site,, the Point 110 cemeteries we have, cheers Tony  :)


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Re: john westwood
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When I'm home I'll see what I can do - I have rather a lot so it'll be a big job,


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Re: john westwood
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I have these which I can send in dribs and drabs and people can email me if they need any copies,

12  Manchester Mem      Manch   12   Contalmaison CC
Adams JH      Manch      Lala Baba Cem
Addland RF   L/C   Manch      Le Touret Mem
Adland A      Manch      Chester Farm Cem
Adland RF   L/C   Manch   1   Le Touret Mem
Ainscough C   Capt   Manch      Helles Mem
Ainsworth HG   2Lt   Manch   9   Tyne Cot Mem 120-4
Alderton CF   2Lt   Manch   12   Gordon Dump Cem 2F7
Alexander JW   Pte   Manch   20   Tyne Cot Mem 120-4
All names      Manch      Soissons Mem
All Regt      Manch      Nieuport Mem
Almond W   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Andrew FD   2Lt   Manch   7   Premont BC 4B52
Appleby R   L/C   Manch   2/6   Pozieres Mem 64-7
Ascroft RGL   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Bacon AH   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Badge      Manch      Crouy BC
Badge      Manch      Epehy Wood Farm Cem
Bailey AL   Pte   Manch   1   Le Touret Mem
Baillie Wm   Pte   Manch   19   Chipilly CC C5
Balon IE   Pte   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Bannister A   Cpl   Manch      Tezze BC
Barber LH   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Barker T   2Lt   Manch   22   Arras Mem 07
Barlow G (Abe-Fos)   Cpl   Manch      Helles Mem
Barnes JL   Pte   Manch   1/7   Ypres Town Cem Extn 3G26
Barrett H   Pte   Manch   16   Cerisy-Gailly MC 2H10
Bates HC   Maj   Manch      Helles Mem
Baxter GW   2Lt   Manch   10   Tyne Cot Mem 120-4
Bazley WN   Capt   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Bell EV   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Betts JH   Capt   Manch   12   Gordon Dump Cem 3J5
Blackburn E   2Lt   Manch   7 att 2   Pozieres Mem 64-7
Bland AE   Capt   Manch   22   Dantzig Alley BC 9B6
Boaler A   Pte   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Boodson L   L/C   Manch      Helles Mem
Bootham A   Pte   Manch      Chester Farm Cem
Bowden AJH      Manch      Guards Cem Combles
Bowen AH   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Bowers W   Pte   Manch   2   Beaumont- Hamel BC A63
Bowers-Taylor A   Capt   Manch   6   Menin Gate
Bowly RW   Lt   Manch   20   Tannay BC 2G12
Boyes-Varley CJ   Sgt   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Bradbury T   Pte   Manch   12   Thiepval 13A & 14C
BRADLEY W   Pte   Manch      Gibraltar (North Front) Cem C3179
Bramall V   Pte   Manch   1/5   Bethune Town Cem 6H27
Brand HJ   Pte   Manch   20   HAC Cem 2G10
Bridge HW   Pte   Manch   18   Suzanne CCE G4
Brigham T   Pte   Manch   1/10   Warlincourt-Halte BC 11C15
Bright SJ   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Brittain L   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Brocklehurst JS   2Lt   Manch      Hill 10 Cem
Brook AC   2Lt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Brooke-Taylor A   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Brooks AB   Capt   Manch   2/6   Ypres Reservoir Cem 1H8
Brooks RC   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Brown CS      Manch      
Brown E   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Brown ES   Pte   Manch   11   St John Baptist Chyd Thaxted
Brown FS   Capt   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Brown J      Manch      Duisans BC
Brown TF   2Lt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Brown WI   Cpl   Manch   16   Suzanne CCE F5
Browne RW   Pte   Manch   2   Ors CC A11
Buckley R   2Lt   Manch   4   Varennes MC 1C29
Bull FP   Sgt   Manch      Cavaletto BC
Burke A   Pte   Manch   20   Tyne Cot Mem 12-4
Burke A   Pte   Manch   20   Tyne Cot Mem
Butterworth JR   Pte   Manch   20   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Cage J   L/C   Manch   2   Quesnoy Farm MC C5
Callan-Macardle K   2Lt   Manch   17   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Campbell A   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Campbell H   Lt   Manch      Azmak Cem
Carmichael G   2Lt   Manch   10   Pozieres Mem 64-7
Carr G   Pte   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Cartledge FH   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Cattley HP   Pte   Manch   22   Gommecourt BC No 2 5J17
Cawley HT   Capt   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Chadwick JH   Lt-Col   Manch   24   Mory Abbey MC 1C10
Chamberlain Walter   Pte   Manch   1/8   Dernancourt CCE 3B3
Chaplin SS   Lt   Manch      Pozieres Mem 64-7
Chapman HR   2Lt   Manch   10   Tyne Cot Mem 120-4
Charlesworth L   L/C   Manch   20   Tyne Cot Cem
Charlton FH   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Charnley T      Manch      Duisans BC
Cheesewright JF      Manch      Lijssenthoek MC
Cheetham T   Pte   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Child JM   Capt   Manch   RAF   Chingford Mount Cem CR7284
Chittenden AGB   2Lt   Manch   2   Montreuil-aux-Lions BC Sp Mem 2
Clancy J   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Clark JW   Pte   Manch   21   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Clark TF   L/C   Manch   21   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Clarke VE   Pte   Manch   6   Helles Mem
Clegg J   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Clegg J (Boy-Kit)   Sgt   Manch      Helles Mem
Clegg JH   Capt   Manch      Helles Mem
Cluff A   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Code H   2Lt   Manch      Adanac MC 5K3
Compton-Smith RN   2Lt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Connor H   Pte   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Cook CH   Lt   Manch   23   Tyne Cot Mem 120-4
Cope GQ   2Lt   Manch   9   Longuenesse Cem 4C6
Copley A   2Lt   Manch   19   Henin Crucifix Cem A4
Coppock R   Pte   Manch   1/6   Belle Vue BC A20
Coppock R   Pte   Manch   1/6   Belle Vue BC A20
Courtman P   Pte   Manch   1/6   Neuville-Bourjonval BC F20
Cowburn A   Cpl   Manch   20   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Cowburn AG   Pte   Manch   19   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Cowden HS   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Cox AR   L/C   Manch   20   Dantzig Alley BC 5G7
Crawhall NG   Lt   Manch      Thiepval 13A & 14C
Cropper J   QMS   Manch      Aldershot MC
Curruthers CWM   Cpl   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Dale A   CSM   Manch      Helles Mem
Dale F   L/C   Manch   2/5   Coxyde MC 1GA1
Dale W   Pte   Manch   2/5   Coxyde MC 1J62
Daley JW (Curl-Denn)   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Dandy H (Boy-Kit)   Sgt   Manch      Helles Mem
Davies OStL   Lt-Col   Manch   Cdg 8LF   Bienvillers MC 17A4
Davis LE   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Davis PHH   2Lt   Manch   3   Busigny CCE 2B8
Daysh JP   Pte   Manch   2/6   Pozieres Mem 66
Dearden G   Pte   Manch   23   Dantzig Alley BC 3B3
Dearnley I   Capt   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Donald AJI   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Dudley CL   2Lt   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Dunlop FCS   Capt   Manch   1   Royal Irish Rifles Graveyd 1A1
Dunn W   Pte   Manch   17   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Eardley J   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Eckersley WC   L/C   Manch   16   Suzanne CCE E8
Edgar RG   Capt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Ellis R   Pte   Manch   17   Thiepval 13A &14C
Elstob W   Lt-Col   Manch   16   Pozieres Mem 64-7
Emmott JB   2Lt   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Entwhistle JE   2Lt   Manch      Tezze BC
Evanson-Jones TAE   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Evemy EJ   Pte   Manch   24   Altivole CC A5
Farrow JW   Sgt   Manch   17   Corbie CCE 1A51
Fay T   Pte   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Fisher H   Capt   Manch   1   Beuvry CC G2
Flack J   Pte   Manch   17   Menin Gate 53-5
Ford P   Pte   Manch   18   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Ford Peter   Pte   Manch   18   Thiepval 15A & 14C
Ford RJ   Capt   Manch   17   Dantzig Alley BC 5W9
Foster B la T   Lt   Manch   10   AIF Burial Ground 16J2
FOULKES T   Pte   Manch      Loos Mem 103
Fowke MC   Capt   Manch   2   La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Mem 27
Fowke MC   Capt   Manch   2   La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Mem 27
Fowke MC   Capt   Manch   2   La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Mem
Fowler WM   Sgt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Free RM   Pte   Manch   17   Locre Hospice Cem 3A1
Freemantle WG   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Frost G   L/C   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Fry AH (Ford-Gare)   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Gardiner PW   Lt   Manch      Soissons Mem
Garner A   Pte   Manch   29   Mericourt l'Abbe CCE 2E15
Gaukroger H   Lt   Manch      Savy BC 1Q6
Gaul M   Sgt   Manch    21   Tyne Cot Mem 120-4
Gent T   Sgt   Manch   11   Tyne Cot Mem 120-4
Giesenberg E   Pte   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Gill NB      Manch      Arrras Mem
Gillat RV   Lt   Manch      Rethel FNC
Glen A   2Lt   Manch   att 8RFC   Sains-les-Marquion BC 2B48
Goodman WH   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
GOODWIN J   Pte   Manch   11 .   Gibraltar (North Front) Cem C3080
Granger HM   2Lt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Grant RWG   Capt   Manch   7   Neuville-Bourjonval BC A6
Gray EC   Capt   Manch   11   Grevillers BC 2C11
Green A   Pte   Manch   11   Tyne Cot Mem 120-4
Gregory J   Cpl   Manch      Azmak Cem
Griffiths FNG   Lt   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Griffiths J   Pte   Manch      Tyne Cot Mem 120-4
Hague A   L/S   Manch   4   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Hahn WF   L/C   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Hall - Stott J   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Hall S   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Halliwell F   2Lt   Manch   17   Neuvilly CCE A25
Hamer F   Capt   Manch      Helles Mem
Handley R (Cunn-Mill)   Cpl   Manch      Helles Mem
Handley W   Pte   Manch   9   Templeux-le-Guerard BC 2E30
Hargeaves H   L/C   Manch   1/9   Tincourt New BC 5C35
Harrison H   Pte   Manch   12   Sailly-Saillisel BC 4F9
Haughton GG   L/C   Manch      Azmak Cem
Hayward FC (Harv-Hey)   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Hayward JH   Pte   Manch   1/6   Coxyde MC 4J18
Heaton C   Pte   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Heaton J   Pte   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Heineman E   Pte   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Heinemann EA   Pte   Manch   22   Etaples MC 22J23
Helm F   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Henderson HW   Lt   Manch   2 att 24   Giavera BC 3B10
Hepburn AJ   Capt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Herrick H   Pte   Manch   2/7   Pozieres Mem 64-7
Heys WG   Lt-Col   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Heywood AGP   Maj   Manch   1/6   St Sever Cem C:04:2
Heywood S   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Higgins CL   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Higgins HW (all Pte)   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem Addenda
Hilton JF   L/C   Manch   20   Favreuil BC 1C11
Hind RB   Pte   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Hitchins HWE   Lt-Col   Manch   1   White House Cem 3A1
Holberton PV   Lt-Col   Manch   2   Achiet-le-Grand CCE 4F8
Holden GA   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Holme EH   L/C   Manch   20   Dantzig Alley BC 4:I:1
Holmes PG   Pte   Manch   2/7   Coxyde MC 1K18
Holt E   Pte   Manch   19   Berneville CC 3
Holt J   Capt   Manch      Helles Mem
Hook CWK   Capt   Manch   16   Wancourt BC 5E9
Horley ELR   2Lt   Manch16   3 CIS   Coxyde MC 3E30
Horn FC   Lt   Manch   4 att 2   Marfaux BC 5E3
Horncastle EH   Lt   Manch      Soissons Mem
Horridge A   Pte   Manch   20   Dantzig Alley BC 6J5
Horridge R   Lt   Manch      Dranouter Chyd
Horsler A   Pte   Manch   20   Vis-en-Artois Mem 09
Howard H   Sgt   Manch      Giavera Mem
Hudson AH   2Lt   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Hunt H (Huff-Jack)   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Hunt W   Pte   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Hunter AD   Capt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Hurlbatt ES   Lt-Col   Manch   Cdg2/8   Pozieres Mem 64-7
Ingham A   Pte   Manch   18   Bailleulmont CC B12
Ingram WH   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Innes - Rainbow J   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Innes RS   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Irwin G   Pte   Manch   2   St Quentin Northern CC 16:18:11
Isherwood A   Pte   Manch   12   Ypres Reservoir Cem 1A24
Isherwood J   Pte   Manch   20   Etaples MC 21C3
Jackson SF   Capt   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Jackson SF   Capt   Manch      Helles Mem
James FA   Capt   Manch   5   Pink Farm Cem
James GS   Lt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Jenkins R   2Lt   Manch   7   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Jennison NL   Capt   Manch   20   Staglieno Cem 1D16
Jensen CT   2Lt   Manch   25   Suzanne CCE E16
Johnson DFG   Lt   Manch   2   Bouzincourt CCE 1B8
Johnson PC   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Johnson T   Pte   Manch   21   Etaples MC 30H17A
Johnson W   Sgt   Manch      Giavera Mem
Johnson WGE   Lt   Manch   1/5   Zuydcoote MC
Johnson WGE   Capt   Manch   1/5   Zuydcoote MC 1F19
Johnston WT   2Lt   Manch   12   Tilloy BC 1B34
Jones F   2Lt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Jones T   Pte   Manch   2   Joncourt East BC C23
Jowett JS   Capt   Manch   4   Mont Huon MC 7H8
Kaufman S   Pte   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Kay HN   Lt   Manch    7   Queens Cem Bucquoy 2C6
Keeling GH   Pte   Manch   16   Cerisy-Gailly MC 2G19
Kelly ED   Pte   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Kemp G   Pte   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Kenworthy S   Capt   Manch   17   Dantzig Alley BC 4U4
Kenyon A   Pte   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Kessler E   Capt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Kewer HJ   Pte   Manch   16   Agny MC D11
Killick R   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Kilroy W   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Kirk J   2Lt   Manch   10   Ors CC A22
Kirk JL   2Lt   Manch   1/10   Stockport (Willow Grove) Cem B275
Kirk T   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Knox H   Lt-Col   Manch   16   Caterpillar Valley Cem 8B11
Krell J   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Lamb ER   Lt   Manch   5   Busigny CCE 2A33
Langley C   Sgt   Manch   1/10   Bagneux BC 6E14
Latham F   L/C   Manch   11   Irish House Cem
Leak W   Pte   Manch   11   Brandhoek New MC No 3 1D11
Leater H   Capt   Manch   2/9   Villeret Old Chyd B2
Lee AW   Pte   Manch   20   Vis-en-Artois Mem 09
Lee F   Pte   Manch   1/5   Bertrancourt MC 2F40
Lee J   Pte   Manch   1/6   Manchester Cem C6
Lee JC   Pte   Manch   1/7   Ribecourt Rd Cem 3F4
Lee SE   Pte   Manch   16   Cerisy-Gailly MC 2H2
Leech AC   Capt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Lewis C   2Lt   Manch   6   Pozieres Mem 64-7
Lingard JR   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Lloyd E   Pte   Manch   11   Thiepval 13A &14C
Lockhart AR   Lt   Manch      
Lomas F   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Lowe J   Cpl   Manch      Helles Mem
Lowe NE   L/C   Manch   1/8   Hargnies CC ne
Lowe WA   Cpl   Manch      Helles Mem
Lye G   Lt   Manch   4   Corbie CCE 1F10
Macdonald AL   2Lt   Manch   8   Sailly-Labourse CCE A10
Manch      Manch      Basra Mem
Mansergh WG   Lt   Manch   2   La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Mem
Mansergh WG   Lt   Manch      La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Mem
Marriott FT   Pte   Manch   19   Bucquoy Rd Cem Sp Mem 6
Marsden R   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Marsland SH   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Massey G   Pte   Manch   2   Ors CC A19
Massey S   Pte   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Massey T   Pte   Manch   1/9   Euston Rd Cem 4H10
Matheson RK   2Lt   Manch   20   Lebucquiere CCE
Matthews J   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
May CC   Capt   Manch   22   Dantzig  Alley BC 2B3
McCormick T   Sgt   Manch   12   Thiepval 13A & 14C
McDougall S   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
McEwan WG   2Lt   Manch      Tezze BC
McGeorge TL   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
McGreal R (McDerm-Mann)   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
McGuire P   L/S   Manch   17   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Metcalf F   Pte   Manch   17   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Midwood TG   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Millington W   Cpl   Manch      Helles Mem
Mills TR   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Mills W   Pte   Manch   1/10   Gorre Brit & Ind Cem 5C2
Milne AN   Capt   Manch      Helles Mem
Mitchell H   Pte   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Molyneux A   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Moorhouse AJ   Maj   Manch      Cranbowne (St Peter) Chyd
Moran J   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Moran J   2Lt   Manch   8   Menin Gate 53-5
Moran JF   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Morris JG   CSM   Manch   2   La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Mem 27
Moss GA   2Lt   Manch   2   Vis-en-Artois Mem 09
Mottershall HS   2Lt   Manch   3   Brandhoek New MC No3 1K26
Murdoch TJC   Lt   Manch   24   Point 110 Old MC J1
Nanson WMB   Sgt   Manch      Helles Mem
Nash PG   2Lt   Manch   21   Buttes New BC Sp Mem 12AA12
Nevinson HKB   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Newcomb CW   Pte   Manch   1/5   Mailly Wood Cem 1:O:6
Newton F   L/C   Manch   22   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Nisbet FS   Capt   Manch   2   La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Mem 27
Nisbet FS   Capt   Manch   2   La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Mem
Nixon JR   Pte   Manch   12   Harponville BC E22
Norman SS   Lt   Manch   1   Le Touret Mem 34-5
Norris J   Pte   Manch   16   Cerisy-Gailly MC 2F8
Norris W   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Nuttall W   Pte   Manch   24   Altivole CC A6
Ogden S   Pte   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Ogden T   Pte   Manch   17   Bois Guillaume CC 1D12A
Oldfield EGW   Capt   Manch      Helles Mem
Oliver SHR   L/C   Manch   19   Menin Gate 53-5
Ormerod J   2Lt   Manch      Montecchio-Precalcino CCE
Ormond A   2Lt   Manch   27 att 11   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Orr AJ   2Lt   Manch   24   Montecchio-Precalcino CCE 3D8
Orson W   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Owen GW   Capt   Manch      Helles Mem
Owen JG   Pte   Manch   1/8   La Chapelette Brit & Ind Cem 2C9
Owen JG   Pte   Manch   1/8   La Chapelette Brit & Ind Cem 2C9
Owen WES   Lt   Manch      Ors CC
Oxley A   Pte   Manch   12   Rocquigny-Equancourt Rd BC 10D2
Page A   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Parker ED   Capt   Manch   2   Nieuwkerke Chyd  R:2
Phillips I   Pte   Manch   12   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Pickering H   L/C   Manch   16   Cerisy-Gailly MC 2F11
Pike AE   Pte   Manch   12   Vis-en-Artois Mem 09
Pike HE   Pte   Manch   2   Coxyde MC 3F12
Pike W   Pte   Manch   20   Prospect Hill Cem 3D12
Pike W   Pte   Manch   20   Prospect Hill Cem 3D12
Pilkington HB   Capt   Manch      Helles Mem
PLESTED HG   2Lt   Manch   4   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Potts T   Pte   Manch   1/8   Bethune Town Cem 6H59
Priestley RT   Pte   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Prime A   2Lt   Manch   4   Pozieres Mem 64-7
Pyne E   L/C   Manch   12   Auchonvillers MC 2L15
Ralphs W   Pte   Manch   21   Thiepval 13A &14C
Ralphs W   Pte   Manch   21   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Rayner OC   Capt   Manch   3 att 2   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Rayner R   CSM   Manch      Tyne Cot Cem
Reeder R   Capt   Manch   10   Doullens CCE No1 4A12
Reeve GNB   Lt   Manch   9   Adanac MC 8J21
Reiss WE   Capt   Manch      Lancashire Landing Cem
Reynolds T   Pte   Manch   22   Frankfurt Trench BC D18
RICHARDS EH   2Lt   Manch   22   Croisilles Railway Cem 1A12
Richardson GH   Capt   Manch      Tezze BC
Roberts B   Pte   Manch         Ribecourt Rd Cem 3E3
ROBINSON AH   2Lt   Manch   1   MENIN GATE 53-5
Rose HJ   Capt   Manch      Helles Mem
Rothwell A   Dmr   Manch   17   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Rothwell W   Pte   Manch   19   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Rowse A   Pte   Manch   11   Vis-en-Artois Mem 09
Royle FW   Capt   Manch   19   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Rylands F   2Lt   Manch   16   Warlincourt-Halte BC 9A13
Rylands RV   Capt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Rymer JH   Capt   Manch      Helles Mem
Salmon BB   2Lt   Manch   23 att 18   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Saunders FW   Pte   Manch   24   Montecchio-Precalcino CCE 1C7
Savatard TW   Capt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Scaife O   Pte   Manch   9   Serain CCE B5
Scowcroft J   L/C   Manch   16   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Scowcroft J   L/C   Manch   16   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Scutt WJ de V   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Senior HG   Lt   Manch      Soissons Mem
Shaw T   Pte   Manch   19   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Sillery JJD   Maj   Manch      Helles Mem
Simm A   Pte   Manch   1/6   Ruyaulcourt MC C10
Skarratt J   Pte   Manch   9   Jeancourt CCE 4A18
Skinner ED   2Lt   Manch   1/8   Ypres Reservoir Cem 1E62
Sladin J   Pte   Manch   18   Wimereux CC 9A4
Smith AB (O'Conn-Yorke)   Cpl   Manch      Helles Mem
Smith DRMc   2Lt   Manch   4   Soissons Mem
Smith F   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Smith JHM   2Lt   Manch   2   Montreuil-aux-Lions BC Sp Mem 3
Smith JW   Pte   Manch   21   Bronfay Farm Cem 1D10
Smith RG   CSM   Manch   22   Staglieno Cem 1D37
Smith RM (Rat-Whew)   L/C   Manch      Helles Mem
Smith WA   Lt-Col   Manch   18   Corbie CCE 1C59
Spencer W   CSM   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Spielman HLI   Capt   Manch      Pink Farm Cem
Sproat GM   Lt   Manch   11 att 17   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Standring DH   Capt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Staveacre JH   Maj   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Staveacre JH   Maj   Manch      Helles Mem
Steeden P   RSM   Manch      Helles Mem
Stewart CE   2Lt   Manch   20   Abbeville CCE
Stewart CE   2Lt   Manch   20   Abbeville CC 6H18
Stockton S   Cpl   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Stockwell RC   Pte   Manch   2/5   Bethune Town Cem 6F13
Stokoe JS   2Lt   Manch      Azmak Cem
STREET EA   2Lt   Manch   22   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Stringer AE   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Syrett C   Cpl   Manch   2   Ors CC A14
Taylor E   Sgt   Manch      Joncourt East BC
Taylor GH   L/C   Manch   16   Avesnes-sur-Helpe CC C5
Thewlis HD   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Thomas E   Pte   Manch   2/8   Tyne Cot Mem 120-4
Thomas GW   Pte   Manch   19   Dive Copse BC 2B14
Thomson F   Pte   Manch   24   Point 110 Old Cem J3
Thornburn EF   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Towers WG   2Lt   Manch   4   St Leger BC B1
Trueman CF   Capt   Manch   2   Le Cateau MC 3A3
Turner G   Pte   Manch   16   Pozieres Mem 64-7
Twist FCO   2Lt   Manch   18   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Unknown      Manch      Hibers Trench Cem
Unknown      Manch      White House Cem
Vaudrey N   Capt   Manch   17   Dantzig Alley BC 9O3
Venables W   Pte   Manch   21   Delville Wood Cem 8G3
Wade JM   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Wain R   Capt   Manch   Tanks   Cambrai Mem 13
Waine WH   Capt   Manch      Helles Mem
Walker A   Sgt   Manch   16   Mont Huon MC 6G2B
Walker AD   Lt   Manch   7 att 19   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Walker G   Sgt   Manch       Arras Mem 7
Walker RF   2Lt   Manch   2   Guards Cem Windy Corner
Walker TC   2Lt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Ward GH   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Ward WE   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Wareham E   Pte   Manch    1/8   Vis-en-Artois Mem 9
Weilding C   Pte   Manch   16   Peronne Rd Cem 3H19
Westbrook EW   2Lt   Manch      Twelve Tree Copse Cem
Whiteley JH   Pte   Manch   19   Arras Mem 7
Whittaker AD   Pte   Manch       Arras Mem 7
Whitworth GA   L/C   Manch      New Irish Farm Cem
Whitworth JH   Maj   Manch   6   St Sever Cem B:05:10
WILD JE   Pte   Manch   11   Gibraltar (North Front) Cem C3087
Wild T   Pte   Manch   2   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Wilde JJ   Pte   Manch   12   Vis-en-Artois Mem 09
Wilson C   L/C   Manch      Helles Mem
Wilson LF   Capt   Manch   16   Arras Mem 7
Wilson ST   Pte   Manch   21   Serain CCE A42
Wilson TIW   Capt   Manch   21   Ancre BC 8E26
Winterbottom DD   Capt   Manch      Helles Mem
Wolstenholme S   L/C   Manch   12   Sanctuary Wood Cem 5C9
Womersley JW   Lt   Manch      Redoubt Cem
Wood J   Pte   Manch      Helles Mem
Wood JPH   Capt   Manch   22   Frankfurt Trench BC D19
Wood JPH   Capt   Manch   22   Frankfurt Trench BC D19
Wood T   Pte   Manch   2   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Woodhead EJ   Pte   Manch   20   Dantzig Alley BC 6J6
Woodhouse PA   2Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Worth H      Manch      Dantzig Alley BC
Worthington CS   Lt-Col   Manch   6   Mont Huon MC 8J14
Wrigglesworth AG   2Lt   Manch   3   Thiepval 13A & 14C
Wright WJ   Pte   Manch      Tyne Cot Mem
Wrigley L   Pte   Manch   9   Serain CCE B4
Wycherley W   Pte   Manch   2   Coxyde MC 3G6
Young ET   Lt   Manch      Helles Mem
Young LD   2Lt   Manch   7   Tyne Cot Mem 120-4

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Re: john westwood
« Reply #28 on: October 03, 2013, 07:57:19 AM »
CHEERS BOB,   just gone through the list, and taken out all of them listed on memorial's,   I will go through the rest asp and let you know the one's needed,  thank you for sharing, and supplying the list,  tony
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Re: john westwood
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hi Bob, to start off  and  I  will go through the cemeteries,    first dantzig ally, photo's needed,

Cox AR   L/C   Manch   20   Dantzig Alley BC 5G7
Ford RJ   Capt   Manch   17   Dantzig Alley BC 5W9             
Vaudrey N   Capt   Manch   17   Dantzig Alley BC 9O3
Woodhead  E J   Manch 20       Dantzig Alley    VI. J. 6.

you can email them to me or post on this thread,   I  will then upload them onto  grave photo's on the main site,
                                                                                                                                                cheers tonyrod