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Casualty List 6th Jan 1900.
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Published in the MANCHESTER TIMES, 26th January 1900.

Manchester Casualties at Ladysmith.

The following list from the headquarters at Ashton gives the addresses of the Manchesters who were killed at Ladysmith on January 6th, as reported in the War Office despatch.

Sgt. T. Wood, 15, Hancock Street, Rusholme.
Sgt. J. Walsh, 7, Commercial Road, Hazel Grove,  Longsight.
L/Cpl. Butterworth, 31, Middleton Old Road, Blackley.
5251 Pte. R. Bibby, Portland Street, Warrington.
4124 Pte. J. Broadwater, 172, Tipping Street, C on M.
Pte. R. Davenport, address unknown.
W. Kelly (a native of London).
V. Bradshaw, 50, Rope Street, Oldham.
1975 Pte. W. Frampton, belongs to London.
5060 Pte. A. Milton (Fitton?) 69, Rumford Street, C on M.
4044 Pte. W. Poole, a native of Birmingham.
4658 Pte. R. Parker, address unknown.
5206 Pte. W. Cheetham, 16, Vineyard Street, Oldham.
3751 P. Gee, 3, Chapel Street, Ashton.
Pte. J. Guttery, 7, Holt Street.
4248 Pte. C Green, of Longsight.
4904 Pte. R Lindsey, belongs to Toronto, Canada.
2339 Pte. G Farmer, 1, Hampson Court, Manchester.
4739 Pte. J Cluer, (who died of wounds on 16th) belongs to London.
Pte. T. Batley, mentioned in War Office despatch, is unkown. (Editors note * there is a S Bartley, of 15, Heven Street, Stretford Rd).
4726 Pte. H. Leigh, 21, St. Mark Street, Dukinfield.

The following list from headquarters at Ashton-Under-Lyne gives the addresses of NCO’s and men of the Manchesters who were wounded at Ladysmith.

5762 L/Cpl. A Kennett, Wildersthorpe, Yorks.
4046 Pte. J Gibbon, 49, Angel Street, Manchester.
4535 Pte. R Scott, brother of Scott who is serving  with 1st Battalion at Ladysmith.
4325 Pte. J Bond, 18, Factory Lane,Oldfield Rd. Salford.
4616 Pte. T. Kelly, 99, George Street, Great Ancoats Lane, Manchester.
435 Pte. J. Green (?), 3464 R Green, of Norfolk.
3627 Pte. H Parker, Liverpool.
4739 Pte. J. Cluer previously reported dead, of London.
4560 Pte. A Brown, formerly of Buglers Call Inn, Ashton-Under-Lyne.
3961 Pte. John Hayney, Leeds.
6853 (?) Pte. J Pownall, 9, Wood Street,  (?Town unknown).
2095 Sgt W. Wilkinson, 71, Burlington Street, Greenheys.
2433 Cpl. J.T. Bramwell, 1, Queen Street, Withington.
2028 Cpl. Crouch, Guildford.
4294 Pte. J. Ogden, 10, McCormack Street, Manchester.
5047 Pte. A Vanryne, (Loughton ?).
4253 Pte. L Castle, 33, Gas Street, Leigh, Warrington.
Pte. J Caney.
Pte. W Gregory.
Pte. T. Low.
L/Cpl. D. Macdowell.
Pte. T. Jones.
Pte. J. Maloney.
Pte. F Wagger.
Pte. 5253 L Castle.
Pte. P Gough.
Pte. J Snelling.

Captain Wolley-Dodd , wounded 20th January, of Malpas, Cheshire.

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Re: Casualty List 6th Jan 1900.
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good work colonel.

mack ;D

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Re: Casualty List 6th Jan 1900.
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has anyone checked this against the casualty lists on the main site?
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Re: Casualty List 6th Jan 1900.
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The list is nowhere near complete as is often the case with contemporary newspapers. Missing from the list of KIA are:

734 Col. Sgt. J. Johnson
1978 Sgt. Dmr. W. Williams
3657 Sgt. J. Connor
4355 L/Cpl. E. Grainger
4292 L/Cpl. G. Leach
5266 Pte. W. Ashley
4198 Pte. R. Bird
5316 Pte. H. Bostock
4600 Pte. T. Brownhill
3817 Pte. J. Hanley
4114 Pte. P. Hartley
4822 Pte. J. Loftus
5373 Pte. A. Longbottom
4872 Pte. J. Murphy

Milton/Fitton should be Mitton
Batley should be 3736 Pte. S. Bartley
Leigh shouldn't be in the list as he wasn't KIA

I haven't checked the list of wounded closely but there are omissions there too. I have the QSA medal of 5100 Pte. J. Brown who was wounded at the battle of Wagon Hill/Caesar's Camp but who isn't listed. (I also have the medals of five of the men KIA).


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Re: Casualty List 6th Jan 1900.
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hi david

i think we've got all those in the main list

“It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply
  to serve as a warning to others."