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Police Intake
« on: July 20, 2013, 04:50:32 PM »
Thanks to those replied to my commando question,some good info and other trails to follow, thanks again.
Another question and again its the commandos.
In 1942 the law changed and allowed the police to enlist into certain types of units
Over 400 joined the commando.
They reported to ACHNACARRY Scotland, to the Army Commando depot - they were civilians with no military training.
They were given the choice of which regt they wished to join - remember commando's were only attached to the commando - they wore the cap badge of the regt to which they enlisted.The parent regt was responsible for the admin of their soldiers.
To date I have identified about 50 of these police enlisted commandos - they come from all over the country -cities,towns and villages-England,Scotland and Wales,and perhaps even N Ireland.
I have no names from either the Manchester Police or the Manchester regiment ,there must be a name or two from the area
Any help appreciated

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Re: Police Intake
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you may well be best to ask the question to Marymuseum she's working on WW1 policeman at the moment but...
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