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This is my first time with this forum so treat me gentle.
My interest is in Army Commandos 1940-1945,what I'm looking for is to identify men from the Manchester Regiment(and others) who may of served with the commando's any period during the war..
To date I have 28 names from the Manchester Regt, and part details  such as No Rank ,Initials and what Cdo they served with,later I would like to put these names on the forum to see if anyone can help fill in the blanks.
Many thanks

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Re: Commando
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Do you have 3534751 Pte. Abraham NEWMAN amongst your list.  (also known as Andrew Newman)



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Re: Commando
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Thanks for the reply,no I don't have this name,would you know what commando he was with.
Again thanks


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Re: Commando
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I have a groups of medals (with box, badges and documents) to 3534751 Pte. Abraham NEWMAN, Manchester Regiment, (Also shown as Andrew) who was MID in LG 8.11.1945. The LG & the original MID certificate both have him shown as Manchester Regiment.

However with the group are 2 original No.6 Commando badges, a Combined Ops. badge and a VI Commando history booklet, with lots of other documents, booklets etc, 1939/45 Star : Africa Star : F &G Star, Defence : War with original MID emblem.

There are no documents with it that prove or disprove the Commando connection. He was Jewish and that is reinforced by a Town Scroll issued to him after the War from his home town of Prestwich, Manchester which contains a very large Jewish community and also the medal box address.

On the No.6 Commando website a "Private Newman" is shown but no further details. In the No.6 Commando booklet a list of awards does not include him.

So I believe he was Commando  at some time but am still searching for a definative link.

It would be nice to see the list of others you have from the Manchester Regiment and their Commando Units.


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Re: Commando
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Have you got 3525354 Pte John F Bishop?
Born +/- 1911. Enlisted 1st Battalion probably sometime in 1931. Served with 1st Battalion in Palestine - transferred to Army reserve 25 Dec 1938.
Recalled and next served with 5th Battalion Manchester Regiment, probably during retreat to Dunkirk?
Transferred to commandos 26 July 1940. Joined 5 Commando probably just after formation at Bridlington on 18 July 1940.
Was killed in action with HQ Company of 5 Commando when they were ambushed near Maungdaw during operation Screwdriver attacking behind Japanese lines from the sea at Alethangyaw, Arakan, Burma on 15 March 1944.
Memorial service held by Rev R Kirkland RN at Nhila for Bishop and other 5 Commando casualties on 27 March 1944.

If anyone has any further information on Pte John Bishop it will be very gratefully received.

Bob B


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Re: Commando
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Bob B
Thanks for the name,yes I had John Bishop,but not the detail you supplied.I can't remember for sure but believe my information probably came from the CWGC.


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Re: Commando
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As promised my list of Manchester Regt personnel,who also served with the Commando during the war.
Any help adding or correcting this list will be appreciated:
    NO        RANK   NAME          INIT       FORENAME              CDO     Man REGT     NOTES
1) 3525389 LCPL   ARTHORNE    S                                       5          2 Bn
2) 3532009 CPL     BARKER                                                 5         5 Bn
3) 3533801 LSGT   BARTON       H           HOWARD                9          NK              awarded MM, died May 2005
4) 24657    LT COL CHURCHILL   JMTF      JACK MALCOLM       3          NK
5)    NK     CPL      CUNNINGHAM WJ        WILLIAM JOSEPH     2          NK              awarded MM, died Jan 1985
6) 14391305 TPR   DAVIES         JGM                                  3          NK
7) 3535628 LCPL   GARDNER       J            JAMES                  9          NK              KIA 16-4-45
8) 3525352 PTE    GRAY            A                                      5          2 Bn
10)   NK     PTE     GREGORY      J             JACK                   11        NK
11) 85678   MAJ    HOLT           AE           ARTHUR ERIC        5          2 Bn            later BRIGADIER
12)   NK     NK       HUGHES       ME          MALCOLM EDWARD 11        NK
13) 3531584 LSGT  JOHNSON     BL          BERTIE LAWRENCE   5         NK               KIA 28-3-42
14) 129561  LT      MacCULLUM  LE                                     2         NK               joined Cdo 15 De 1943
15) 5340714 PTE    MOON         LW         LEONARD WALTER    3         NK               KIA 11-6-45
16) 3525337 LCPL   NEIGH         G                                       5         2 Bn
17) 3534581 LCPL   NEVETT       E                                       7         7Bn
18)     NK     LT      OWEN         JRH                                    7         NK
19)     NK     PTE    PARRY         G           GORDON                 1         NK
20)     NK     LCPL   PHILLPOT     AWK                                1 Cdo Bde NK
21)     NK     PTE    ROWE          H                                       2         NK              may have left Cdo after 1943
22) 3533662 PTE    SHERWIN      RD          ROBERT DEERY       9           NK             KIA 30-12-43
23) 92876    LT      SMALLEY      CJ        CHRISTOPHER JOHN   5           NK             KIA 28-3-42
24)     NK     SGT    SMITH                        JIMMY                 2           NK
25)     NK     PTE    SPOULE        NG       NOBLE GOULDING      11          NK             Canadian by birth
26)     NK     CAPT   TURPIN        JR        RICHARD  dick          1            NK
27)     NK     PTE     WARDLE       VF                                 Cdo Gp HQ   NK

As said at the beginning please see if you can help or correct any of the above,perhaps it may help others

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Re: Commando
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Hi Graham,

I'll send you what I have on Noble 'Nobby' Sproule. He is one of the Halifax '100'. Very interesting story - underage when he enlisted in the 2nd Manchesters in February 1939 & finished the war as a Lt. in the Green Howards retiring as a Major in the Queens York Rangers. Here's a link featuring a letter from Noble to his father after the war (scroll down 3/4's of the page):

One name not on your list - Daniel Serrick, also one of the '100'. 'B' Company 2nd Manchesters after Dunkirk went to the Commandos then in 1942 2nd Canadian Parachute Battalion & finally in December 1942 First Special Service Force. Dannie was KIA May 29, 1944 Anzio, Italy. I'll send you more on him also.

One unit's history you may want to pursue, I don't know if it's on your radar or not -
The 5th (Ski) Battalion Scots Guards. Formed in January 1940 its intent was to assist the Finns in their fight against the Russians. Training took place in France and Scotland however following Finland’s armistice with Russia in March 1940, the unit was disbanded. Despite its brief existence many from the 1000 strong unit would use this experience later with the Commandos &/or Special Ops - Lord Lovat for one. At least 7 Canadians volunteered for this battalion. After its breakup they returned to the 2nd Manchesters already stationed in France.

Good luck Graham with your search & I'll talk with you soon.



PS - I believe this link to CWGC might be for the Jack Gregory on your list:,%20JOHN
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Re: Commando
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and there is 'my' man


Service No:
Date of Death:
    Between 01/06/1941 and 02/06/1941
    Manchester Regiment
    and No. 7 Commando (Layforce)
Grave Reference
    16. B. 19.

fredericks parents were frederick beasley and matilda blackwell,they married at st.lukes church weaste on 14th april 1918,they lived at 56 stowell st,salford,his father was a clerk,frederick was born the following year
his mum[born 2-10-1895]died in salford in june 1970
“It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply
  to serve as a warning to others."


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Re: Commando
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Another name as just come to light, that is a LT H HOLLINGS, who either joined or left the No 12 Commando in Nov .1941.
Does anyone have any information,sorry cannot even give  battalion.

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Re: Commando
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I understand that Dennis Reeves book
Special Service of a Hazardous Nature, The Story of the Liverpool Scottish in Special Forces Operations  is a wonderful source but painful.-

No Index and no Regiments if not Liverpool Scottish.