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Hi all, this is my first post so please go gentle with me.
First of all I hope I have posted this under the right heading of "All Other Manchester Regiment Queries"
I recently acquired a Home Service Helmet for my collection, of the 56th (Salford) lancashire rifle volunteers, which I believe was formed with 4 companies at Salford on 5/3/1860 and eventually was renumbered 17th in 1880 and joined the Manchester Regiment as one of its V.B's in 1881.
What I'm desperate to find out is, if you look at the two images, it shows the helmet furniture as blackened metal which is correct for the V.B's but if you look at the helmet plate it is not of the same blackened metal it does infact appear to be painted black, can some kind sole tell me if this is correct or not.
I do understand that the dress regulations were not always adhered to and perhaps this was not standard practice in the 56th.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Congratulations on the purchase.  Did you buy the forage cap as well?

I have known about these items for many years, and the collection they came from, but had never seen them until they came up for auction.

As a collector of all things related to the Manchester Regiment and its Lancashire RVC forerunners I was of course interested in buying them.


When I saw them I didnt see what I expected.  The badges do not conform to any military pattern of the period, all Lancashire RVC helmet plates being numbered on the front and dont have a large badge on the star.

After some careful thought I formed the opinion that these were in fact Police items and probably those of the Chief Constable of Salford.

The pattern of badge is the same, the use of a 1878 helmet for Chief Constables is also the same.

That is my conclusion, for what its worth, but based on a great deal of experience of owning, handling and researching such items.


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I confirm Sphinx's opinion.  Police not military.


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Thanks guys for all your help, I've got to say I'm a little disappointed.
I've been in touch with the said auction house and have now put the ball back in their court, so now it's a wait to see what happens but I will keep you informed.
Thanks again.
OH and yes I did buy the forage cap.


I guess that may explain why the helmet plate has been painted black, isn't that a police thing to stop the helmet showing up at night or am I just being stupid "again"
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