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The Gallipoli Association Conference 11 August 2012
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Hi Guys,

Just thought you all might like to know about the Gallipoli Association on 11 August 2012 in Birmingham.


Saturday 11th August 2012

10.00am to 5.30 pm
at the Lords Knight Suite
Tally Ho Conference and Banqueting Centre, Pershore Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B5 7RN

The booking form may be download from here;

Print it and complete it NOW, then post off with your cheque to:

Simon Kleinig, GALLIPOLI Association, Flat 2, 39 Craven Hill Gardens, London W2 3EA.

The months are rapidly slipping away and August is fast approaching!   For further enquiries email: simon.kleinig (at)

Change (at) to @ altered to stop spam.

GUEST SPEAKERS  - This impressive list is bound to inform both the serious student and those just beginning their journey into the fascinating stories behind the GALLIPOLI campaign.

Our speakers for the Conference will be:  

1. Peter Hart — The French at Gallipoli
2. Stephen Chambers — GALLIPOLI through a camera’s lens
3. Jeff Cleverly — Defeated before a shot had been fired? The planning of the Suvla Bay landings at Gallipoli
4. Michael Hickey — The Men of Gallipoli

Peter Hart — The French at Gallipoli

Peter works as Oral Historian at the Imperial War Museum. He is also a  highly respected and prolific author on the Great War and has made a  close study of the GALLIPOLI campaign. His published works include Defeat  at Gallipoli, The Somme, Passchendaele, 1918 and most recently,  Gallipoli, published in 2011.

Peter believes the French are the forgotten men of Gallipoli. With a full  complement of artillery and shells, were probably the most formidable  force on the Peninsula. They were given one of the most dangerous tasks  of any in the landings of 1915 and were heavily committed to a series of  battles at Helles between May and August 1915. They had the worst  tactical position of any of the Allied forces, faced with a daunting terrain  and the propsect of the Turks firing directly across the straits at them. If  you like your military history presented in an easily-understood and  compelling fashion, Peter Hart’s engaging style will help you to  appreciate the GALLIPOLI campaign from perspectives only an expert in the  field can deliver.

Jeff Cleverly — Defeated before a shot had been fired? The planning of the Suvla Bay landings at Gallipoli

As a graduate of the Royal Military College of Australia (Duntroon), Jeff  served ten years as a commissioned officer in Australia, before joining  the British Army in 1997. As an infantry officer Jeff served on operations  in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and most recently Afghanistan, where he was  seriously wounded in action against the Taleban. As Lieutenant Colonel,  he now commands the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Welsh. Jeff lives in Cardiff  with his family, has led a number of battlefield tours to GALLIPOLI and is  researching the landings at Suvla Bay as part of his doctorate at King’s  College, London.

Drawing on this rich background of research and personal experience,  Jeff will provide a “top to bottom” look at the planning for the August  Suvla Bay offensive. He will discuss the reasons that lay behind behind  the decision to land at Suvla in the first place, and how that plan  was affected by personalities and the military system. Jeff will also  discuss the GHQ plan and how any chances of success for Hamilton’s  original plan were distorted and eroded to the point where even the  securing of limited objectives was no longer guaranteed.

Stephen Chambers — GALLIPOLI through a camera’s lens

Stephen Chambers is a military historian, author, battlefield guide and  GALLIPOLI ASSOCIATION webmaster. He has an interest in military history  throughout the ages, particularly the period 1879–1945, though his  passion has always been Gallipoli. Stephen has written four authorative  books on the subject: Gully Ravine (2002), Anzac The Landing (2008),  Suvla: August Offensive (2011) and Uniforms & Equipment of the British  Army in World War One (2005). Stephen is currently  working on several  GALLIPOLI centenary projects.

Stephen’s address will be illustrated with a collection of quality period  images from the Galipoli campaign. This will be a refreshingly novel approach to the subject, presented, explained and brough to life by  someone with a deep knowledge of Gallipoli.

Michael Hickey — Men of Gallipoli

Michael is the respected historian of the GALLIPOLI ASSOCIATION and author  of several books. Military history is often presented to us from a mainly  tactical and statistical viewpoint, and the stories behind the men in the  field and at sea are sometimes obscured by the bigger picture. Michael  will speak on “The Men of Gallipoli” and will offer us a fascinating insight  into the compelling human aspect of Gallipoli, a campaign which touched  so many lives; not just those who served in the conflict, but also those at  home. Michael will draw on several personalities from across the broad  spectrum of the services, from soldiers in the field to the men of the  navy and the fascinating stories behind the submariners. This will be an address not to be missed, delivered in lively style and injected with  humour by one of our best-loved speakers and historians.

Accommodation and the GALLIPOLI ASSOCIATION evening meal

Accommodation is being left to individuals to arrange, but we suggest  you make your bookings as soon as possible. Both Travelodge and  Premier Inn are still offering competitive rates at a number of their  Birmingham locations. The evening meal will be held at the same location as the conference from 6.30pm.

You can register for the GALLIPOLI ASSOCIATION Conference on the slip belo. Please print and send the completed registration form, enclosing a cheque payable to “The GALLIPOLI Association” to:
Simon Kleinig, GALLIPOLI Association, Flat 2, 39 Craven Hill Gardens, London W2 3EA.
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