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Disbandment of the 2nd Battalion.
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From "The history of the late 63rd (West Suffolk) Regiment-James Slack

In 1814, the 2nd Battalion was quartered at Ipswich. On the 26th November the Battalion received the following communication from the Adjutant Generals office;-

"The 2nd Battalion of the 63rd Regiment to be disbanded. All men fit for service to join the 1st Battalion"

The following was the establishment of the Regiment after the reduction of the 2nd Battalion.

11 Companies
1  Colonel, 1 Lieutenant-Colonel (David Rattray), 2 Majors ( Robert Macleroth and John Stafford), 11 Captains, 24 Lieutenants, 8 Ensigns, 1 Adjutant, 1 Paymaster, 1 Quartermaster, 1 Surgeon, 2 Assistant Surgeons, 66 Sergeants, 21 Drummers, 60 Corporals, and 1140 Privates
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