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Wounded in France
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I wonder if anyone could confirm on what date the below three soldiers were wounded  in 1916.

8913 Sergeant William A. Tomkinson, 17th (2nd City)(S)Bn.

12082 Private Joseph Gilligan 19th (4th City)(S)Bn.

17985 Private Thomas Morgan, 20th (5th City)(S)Bn.


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Re: Wounded in France
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hiya simon.
i dont have anything on sgt tomkinson,pte joe gilligan was a stretcher bearer,he was wounded on 1st july,lived at 12 curzon rd,higher broughton.he later returned to france and was later transferred to egypt
17985 thomas morgan[D.coy] was admitted to hospital in england on 21st july 1916,location unknown,he worked as a cooper at vickers st,newton heath,resided 37 eliza ann st,rochdale rd manchester,enlisted 17-11-14 aged 21.
he was badly wounded in july 1916,no exact date,he spent a long time in hospital until he was discharged on 6th aug 1917
SWB 124856
kings discharge certificate 63/157

mack ;D
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Re: Wounded in France
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Thanks Mack.
Much appreciated.