Author Topic: 4th Battalion Mcrs Verne Citadel Portland 1901  (Read 2875 times)


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4th Battalion Mcrs Verne Citadel Portland 1901
« on: September 08, 2011, 02:06:06 PM »
A John Price 18 years is shown on the 1901 Census stationed at Portland...i am trying to establish if he is a relative....will any other records exist???  Thanks

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Re: 4th Battalion Mcrs Verne Citadel Portland 1901
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Hi Pricey

Have you tried the 1911 census, to see where he is. You could also have a look at, some of the service records that are held by "find my past"

What are the British Army Service Records?

These records comprise Chelsea Pensioners British Army Service Records 1760-1913 and Militia Service Records 1806-1915.

Many of your ancestors will have had a period of time in the army and these records provide rich detail about them. The Chelsea Pensioners British Army Service Records provide information on men pensioned out of the British Army 1760-1915. The connection with ‘Chelsea Pensioners’ is that the pensions were administered through The Royal Hospital at Chelsea. The great majority of pensioned soldiers were out-pensioners and did not reside at the Hospital itself.

The Militia was a voluntary county-based part-time force for home defence. It ceased to be summoned after the Civil War but was revived in 1757, when the Militia Act established militia regiments in all counties of England and Wales. All pre-20th century males were obliged to serve in the militia so you are likely to find information about your ancestors here. There are also details about the professions these men worked in as, for most of the time, they would be engaged in a regular job.

You may come across reference to attestation papers. This refers to the official papers written for a soldier upon joining.

These records are brought to you online in association with The National Archives (TNA). The TNA record series numbers are ‘WO96’ and ‘WO97’: WO simply indicates that the records were created by the War Office, the precursor of today’s Ministry of Defence.

Why are these records useful to the family historian?

These records provide rich detail and colour to your ancestors’ lives at a level that is difficult to find elsewhere. There is often information about physical appearance, profession (in the case of the Militia records) and achievements during service.

Whereas many other military records provide information about officer class soldiers, these records include papers from ordinary soldiers of other ranks. This makes it more likely that you will be able to find details about your ancestors.

What exactly will I be able to find out?

The Chelsea Pensioners British Army Service Records provide the soldier’s name, place of birth, regiment(s), year of discharge and dates of service within the British Army. have a lots of military service records so it's worth giving them a look also.

Best of luck with your research