Author Topic: Manchester Hill - Ode to the 16th Battalion  (Read 3484 times)

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Manchester Hill - Ode to the 16th Battalion
« on: November 08, 2007, 08:41:42 AM »
Have just received a clipping from either the Guardian or M.E.N with the following ode:

Manchester Regiment, Manchester Hill!
Ring out the names as your glasses you fill.
Can we forget them? None of us will -
How by St Quentin they died for the Hill.

On came the hosts with a rush like the tide.
Shoulder to shoulder, guns strapped to their side.
Stoutly the single battalion replied;
Still fresh divisions poured in like the tide.

Now to the major a message they send:
"Tell him the Manchesters fight to the end;
Manchester Hill to the death they defend;
That is the message the Manchesters send."

Firmly they stood with their face to the foe.
Wounded and limping they scorned to let go.
Till, when the westering sun had sunk low,
Manchesters lay with their face to the foe.

Hail to the Regiment Manchester gave!
Manchester Hill on their banners engrave.
Write on the tombstones where green grasses wave -
"These are her children, whom Manchester gave"

(Mrs.) A. Amy Brooke