Author Topic: 18th Battalion manchester Pals - Percy R Allan - Meritorious Service Medal  (Read 3258 times)


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I have found out that my fathers uncle Percy Robert Allan (10069) gained a Meritorious Service Medal. My understanding is the this battalion only gained 2 of these medals so wondered if there would be any record of how he gained the medal.  His name seems to be spelt wrong (Allen)on the photo but not sure where he appears.
He was a butcher before the war was this an unusal profession for this group of pals?  He survived the war with a wound to his leg and had a Buthcers shop of his own on Lloyd Street.
I am not sure what happened to his medals and hope they might have gone to the museum or regiment when he died.

Thank you for anyone that can help

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hiya campbell.
sgt allans MSM was gazetted on 3-6-18,for devotion to duty in france,he didnt go to france with the main body of the battalion on the 8th november 1915,he arrived a week later in a reinforcement draft on 18th november

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