Author Topic: New Book - Paul Kendall - Bullecourt 1917 Breaching the Hindenburg Line  (Read 4894 times)

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This new book contains Snippets about Manchester Regiment soldiers who fought at Bullecourt in the 20th, 21st & 22nd Bn.s

You won't find Bullecourt on any of the Somme 'Tourist' battlefield destinations or route maps but in April & May 1917 it was the scene of heavy, fierce & desperate fighting between Australian, British & German troops.

Paul Kendall's book 'Bullecourt 1917 - Breaching the Hindenburg Line' details the background & story of 3 important battles that led to the loss of over 17,000 Australian & British soldiers alone, in and around a small French village raised & levelled to the ground by heavy shelling, infantry combat & tank actions!  It is also a book that pays tribute in a most remarkable & fascinating way to the brave men who lost their lives & it is complimented by many images & actual stories recounted by survivors in their own words or through those of their living relatives today.  It is a fitting tribute to courage & sacrifice never to be forgotten.

This book is a 'must' for anyone wanting to know more the Battles for Bullecourt during 1917.  Hopefully it will encourage readers to visit  & explore Bullecourt for themselves, as there is the impressive ‘Digger Memorial’ & others to see.  There is even a wonderful Museum that is full of WW1 artefacts & memorabilia if you are lucky enough to find it open. 

In my opinion 'Bullecourt 1917 - Breaching the Hindenburg Line' is great value for money, being sold through Amazon for only £17.00! 
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