Author Topic: Helen Carr Daughter of 3534703 Pte Glyn Jones  (Read 4518 times)

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Helen Carr Daughter of 3534703 Pte Glyn Jones
« on: January 26, 2008, 06:04:06 PM »
I have been in contact with Helen Carr the daughter of 3534703 Pte Glyn Jones, she does not have her own computer but uses library ones.  Helen has a Photograph of a group of 1st Bn Manchester Rgt taken in Singapore which includes her father on this page of the COFEPOW site: which may be of interest.
Helen is trying to trace a photo that appeared in a daily paper of a group including her father standing by a grave possibly in Changi, it was seeing this photo that told her mother that he was alive.  Can anyone help in tracing this photo for Helen?
I have given Helen the forum details but she may not see my message for several days.  Her email address is: helen.carr AT (mod edit, email adddress amended to avoid spammers. remove the AT and replace with @)

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Re: Helen Carr Daughter of 3534703 Pte Glyn Jones
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i'll move this over to the POW WW2 section

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