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Arthur Phillips 1st Bn Manchester Rgt x2 Japanese POW's
« on: January 27, 2008, 12:40:50 AM »
3525679 Cpl Arthur Phillips my father was taken prisoner by the Japanese when Singapore fell on 15th February 1942.  The following information has been collected from his Japanese POW Record Card, his Service Record and Certificate of Service, the reply to my introduction on the "Hello" Board from "themonsstar", information provided by the Regimental Museum, documents I received from his second wife, Carol Cooper from COFEPOW's, Michael Hurst MBE of the Taiwan Memorial Society( and Colin Walker's Scouting web site(  Without this help I would still be grovelling in the dark to understand my fathers movements as a POW.  He spoke very little of that period of his life, what little he told me and his second family did not match the translation of his movements recorded on the back of his POW Record Card, I won't go into the detail of the differences but am now confident that the POW Record Card is accurate and not my memory of what he said.
The Battalion Order of Battle Malaya 1942-45 shows him in the "Pioneers", he was a carpenter.  The documentation I have seen tells me that he was  held in Changi before being shipped to Formosa(Taiwan) on 28th October 1942 most probably one of 900 British POW's moved on the Dai Nichi Maru arriving in Taiwan on November 14th 1942.  In Taiwan he was held in Heito POW Camp No 3 until 12th March 1945 when he was moved to Shirakawa POW Camp No 4 following the bombing of Heito by the Americans.  While in Shirakawa he was elected as a "Rover Mate" of the "Gordon" Rover Crew on 24th May 1945, I hold his Scouting Certificate of Appointment and found him mentioned on Colin Walkers Scouting web site.  Following the Japanese surrender my father was taken from Taiwan to Manila on the USS Santee(See:  From Manila he was taken to California then across North America by train to Montreal and arrived in Southampton weighing 6 stone on 5th November 1945.
There was a second Arthur Phillips with the Battalion in Singapore, 3534680 Pte Arthur Phillips who is listed on the Battalion Nominal Roll following my father and is in the Order Of Battle as being in D Company 15 Platoon.  From the records held by the museum I have found that he also survived and was discharged on 22nd April 1946.  What I do not know is where he was as a POW, could he have been in Taiwan?  The Taiwan POW Memorial Society have two A Phillips listed my father and a L/Cpl, the only thing Michael Hurst knows about him is that he came from Lancashire, could this be 3534680 Arthur Phillips, was he promoted in Singapore? or could he be this man, PHILLIPS A B 1549849, one of 4 other A Phillips identified by COFEPOW for me and the only one with no rank identified?
Any information for Michael Hurst would be much appreciated.
Regards and thanks to all.
Cliff P Son of 3525679 Sgt Arthur Phillips 1st Bn Manchester Regiment and RAPC

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Re: Arthur Phillips 1st Bn Manchester Rgt x2 Japanese POW's
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Morning Cliff

3534680 Pte A.Phillips.
1st Bn Manch.
Born 28/9/16. Ancoats.
NOK Mrs Ethel Phillips 8 Hemlet Street Ardwick.
Enlistment Date 18/4/1940.

On his Q/L form
Address Tonge Steet, Ardwick.
PoW Camps:
Changi 15/2/42-April 43.
Thailand Camp No2 April 43-Dec 43.
Singapore Dec 43-until the end of the War.

There are lots of other Phillips's in other units.

3534680 Pte A.Phillips 1st Bn Manch
Was Court Martial at No 1 Pow Camp,Changi, Singapore.

Sec 9(1) A.A. W.O.A.S. Disobeying in such a manner as to show willful defiance of Authority a lawful command.

He was found Guity/ 56 Days Field Punishment 56 Days.

The sentence was put aside by the reviewing Authority.

Have you read Arthur Lane's Book on the 1st Bn Manchester Regt "One God,To Many Devils"