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B Company 7 Platoon
« on: June 18, 2010, 11:13:20 AM »
B Company 7 Platoon.
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Re: B Company 7 Platoon
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Can't remember if I've submitted this before but Pte Joseph Lamb (21202) is second row from back, 3rd from left. He was with the 22nds until losing his leg at Broodseinde in Oct 17. His previous military career with the KRRC in Oct 14 lasted 32 days before being considered " unlikely to make an efficient soldier".



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Re: B Company 7 Platoon
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Co. QMS Robert Taylor Garside - 22nd Manchesters 7th City B Company. He was born c.1891 USA (as was his brother Paul although they put down Lower Broughton when they enlisted in their respective regiments). Their parents were Thomas Douglas Hamilton Garside & Emma Marie Goldman.

Robert married Mary Palmer in 1914 in Lower Broughton & they had 2 sons: Ronald (who served in the RAF during WW2 as a pilot officer & was also a pow in Stalag L3) & Roy Garside.

After the war, Robert Taylor Garside became a cotton broker & partner of O.F.Waterfield & Co. in Manchester. He died at Fylde 22 Oct 1947.