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I have been researching my Grandfather John Conqueror and his military history I am hoping that this forum might be able to shed further light on him.  One problem I have encountered is that it would appear that John and his brother William's records are mixed together or ??

Information known so far:  John Conqueror born 1st August 1880 Widnes (birth certificate)
William Conqueror born abt Sept 1878 in Manchester.

I know that a William Conqueror enlisted with The KOYLI on 11 July 1899 and stated that he had previously served with 4th Bn Manchester Regiment. He would serve 12 years  (His number with KOYLI 6128) but his birth date given works out to be that of his brother John's.

What I would like to know is, is there any mention anywhere of William or John Conqueror.  I am trying to work out whether John and William were both in the Manchester Regiment or did John sign up using his brother's name.  John Conqueror later re enlisted with the Manchester Regiment for World War 1. 

18th August 1914 attested Private Manchester 4th, 19th Sept 1914 appointed ??, 26th Sept 1914 appointed ? Sgt, transferred to MGC on 3rd March 1916.

The service numbers for John are: Manchester Regiment 2821 and the MGC 11889.

Can anyone assist with what medals John or William should have received.
I am looking forward to hopefully learning some more about John Conqueror.
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hiya joanne
william joined the 1st battalion KOYLI,they were stationed in ireland,both john+william are not in the 1901 census,which could mean that both men enlisted at the same time,into the same regiment for the same period of service,both would have been discharged on the same date,the reason for john giving his brothers year of birth could be because when the great war broke out,they asked for men between the ages of 18+35,john was slightly overage,and may have shaved off a couple of years to get in,i think one of the guys on rootschat in the armed forces section,have the nominal rolls for the boer war.

mack ;D

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rootschat link  ;D


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