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3597327 l/cpl John George Elliott
« on: February 14, 2010, 12:14:43 PM »
Hello my father above died in 1961 and as with most service people did not talk much about things to do with WW2 etc. He joined up 1934   A company 2nd Battallion The Manchesters. We have pictures of him with horses and vaguely remember stories but not content. Healso spoke of Kingston Jamaica and picking oranges?. We know he was with ? King-Clark in France/Germany and was possibly his driver at some stage,King-Clark came to his funeral.We have a photo of possibly the both of them and some others in a bedford commercial truck of sometype Personell carrier?When I find out how to upload phots i will be happy to do soand maybe of help to others.
I look forward to any help anyone is able to give Thanks  Herb Elliott

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Re: 3597327 l/cpl John George Elliott
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Welcome to the Forum. I'm sure we will be able to dig out some detail for you regarding your father.  You should go on to the museum website and the books for sale page where you will find Rex King-Clark's excellent book 'Forward From Kohima'.  It will give you a very realistic idea of what 2nd Manchesters were doing in Burma.

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Re: 3597327 l/cpl John George Elliott
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Hi Herb and Welcome to our Forum !

Next of kin can apply for his service record.  Click on this link to: The Veterans Agency to see how to.

Wendi  :)
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