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Manchester Regiment – India 1880’s
« on: February 23, 2010, 11:04:13 AM »
I am in the process of researching George Stainfield of the 96th of Foot and latterly 2nd Battalion Manchester Regiment. Information is still fairly scarce but thanks to this site I now have some basic outline knowledge of the regiment and battalion movements between 1870 and 1897.

George was ultimately promoted to Sergeant Major service number 1242. He spent several years in India in the 1880’s and 90’s with his family, and many of his children were born there, particularly at Mooltan and Agra stations.

I have a photograph of his wife Jessie taken in India circa 1885 but unfortunately not one of George. Maybe someone out there will have one in an old album – I would be very grateful.

In my searches I came across the journal of Lady Anna Brassey who made several Far East tours with her MP husband Lord Thomas Brassey and one particular entry refers to the Manchester Regiment as follows.

Monday 31st January 1887 “..…..Tom says it is remarkable how well some British regiments stand the climate of India. At Agra we saw the Manchester Regiment. After three years at Mooltan, perhaps the hottest station in India, the men were in rude health. They marched the whole distance to Agra. At the time of our visit the men were playing football and cricket, as vigorously as if they were in England. They subscribe for newspapers; they amuse themselves with frequent theatricals. They are fit to go anywhere and do anything.”[/color]

Mooltan to Agra is about 400 miles as far as I can work out. It says a lot about the stamina and fortitude of the 19th century British Army and particularly the Manchester Regiment.

I hope someone finds this interesting

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Re: Manchester Regiment – India 1880’s
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Cheers for posting this interesting bit of info, and it all helps with the site.


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Re: Manchester Regiment – India 1880’s
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If anyone is researching soldiers of the 63rd and 96th regiments and latterly the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the Manchester regiment, it is well worth looking at the Chelsea Pensioner records now available at

I found and downloaded 5 pages for my man George Stainfield covering the period from his enlistment in the 96th in Derby on 26th February 1867 through to his retirement from 2nd Battalion Manchesters on 2nd April 1892. He progressed from private to Warrant Officer, (Sergeant Major) and spent 10 years of his service at various stations on the NW Frontier. His wife accompanied him and several of his children were born out there, all of which can be traced easily through the Army birth and baptism records also available at

The cost of downloading 5 pages was 30 units which equates to about 3 pounds sterling - well worth the money if you compare with the cost of visiting Kew and the time taken to search the records yourself. I have attached one of the five pages to show what sort of information is available.

If you do search, I hope your luck is as good as mine was.



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Re: Manchester Regiment – India 1880’s
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Hi collers
Thank-you for posting  like themonsstar said we are grateful for any information to do with the Manchester's it all helps to make this a great forum.

If all the pages are as clear as the one you posted it's a great find
Thanks again