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Another WWII Enquiry
« on: January 25, 2010, 10:55:30 AM »
I am trying to shed some light on my grandfathers war history.  When he was alive he very rarely talked about his time during the war. The remaining family know some details but mostly a bit vague.  He lived in Salford and joined the TA.  He was I think called up during 1940.  Some family say he was in the Manchester Regiment some say fusiliers etc but all a little misty.
One of his daughters said while he was stationed in India he sent my Grandmother an embroidered handkerchief with “Manchester Regiment”  so this site is my first stop.
Name Harold Wilson
Born 1916 in Salford
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Re: Another WWII Enquiry
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Hi and welcome dth227.  Someone will no doubt be along shortly with som information for you.
Looking at the family photo I think the cap badge is for the fusiliers.  I cannot improve the close up more to be certain.
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