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Captain John Cane Crawford/ Charles Broadhurst
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I am researching my family history and am currently searching for my great grandfathers military history. Mr. Charles Broadhurst. Born 12.12.1876. According to my sources, he served under Captain John Can Crawford (3rd Militia?). I think he attained the rank of WO Class 2 (Music) and served in the First World war. Word of mouth has it that he attained the position of RSM but I cannot find any confirmation on this. He was based at Ladysmith Barracks, and the interesting thing (For me anyway!) is that he married my Great Grandmother Jessie Smith in 1903, who worked as a servant for the Crawford family at Croft House in Stalybridge. I am guessing that he must have got on extremely well with Captain Crawford for him to actually meet Jessie, and I was wondering if anyone could shed any further light on this. On the Manchester's web site, a gentleman called simon Butterworth has published the career of Captain Crawford, and I was wondering if he venture onto this forum, and whether he (or anyone else) could give any further information, and also if anyone has any group photographs with names, as I have no photo's of my Great Grandfather. I am unsure on the 3rd Militia regiment, but some kind person on here found out his career which is shortened below

7 9/1914   He enlisted in the Special Reserve of the Manchester Regiment. His Service Number was 3/3063, the prefix noting his allocation to the Special Reserve (3rd Battalion). His surviving records do not say precisely where he enlisted but it is believed it was at the Regimental Depot since the approval of his attestation on his Attestation Form is stamped "3rd Battalion, Manchester Regiment" on the same day as he enlisted. He was 37 years and 8 months old and his trade was Labourer. He declared previous  military service (Time Expired) in the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Note: the "4th" quoted on his Attestation Form does not imply the 4th Battalion. It is the old designation of the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment - the 4th Foot.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Cayain John Cane Crawford/ Charles Broadhurst
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pte 4809 charles broadhurst
enl 22-6-1895 at lancaster
KORL [previously 5th VB manchester regt]
aged 18
occupation chimney sweep
posted to 1st batt 16-8-95
2nd batt 25-9-95
1st batt 11-11-97
2nd batt 31-8-1900
1st batt 16-2-01
army reserve 17-4-03
attested again,on 7-8-07
discharged on termination of 2nd period of engagement on 6-11-1911
termination of 1st period of engagement 21-6-07
parents samuel+ellen 2 lloyd st,greenheys[later 8 barlow st,chorlton on medlock]
older brother,thomas
married miss jessie smith at the parish church,warden,northumberland on 11-8-03,witnesses jane smith+gertrude broadhurst
resided at 3 elansgate terrace,hexham on tyne
hilda 20-10-04
ethel 25-6-06
molly 11-11-08
jessie 23-12-11
may 26-9-13

re-enlisted 7-9-14
pte 3063 charles broadhurst
3rd manchesters
aged 37
residing 6 thomas st,hulme
made act/sgt 27-2-15
sgt 24-1-16
went to france with the 22nd manchesters on 12-8-17
transferred to 881st labour coy 21-10-17
act/CSM 5-11-17,and confirmed CSM the same day
transferred to 23rd lancs fusiliers on 1-6-18
transferred to 216th prisoner of war coy,lab corps 2-9-18
classZ army res 11-4-19
now residing at 16 phoenix st,hulme

service during his term with the KORL
home 22-6-95-10-11-97
malta 10-11-97-24-11-97
hong kong 24-11-97-16-1-99
singapore 17-1-99-26-3-1900
home 27-3-1900-30-8-1900
south africa 31-8-1900-15-2-01
home 16-2-01-18-11-01
malta 19-11-01-15-4-03
home 16-4-03-21-6-07
entitled to QSA medal,clasp for transvaal

mack ;D

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Re: Cayain John Cane Crawford/ Charles Broadhurst
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Many thanks for that Mack, I don't even know where to start! Do you know where I would need to contact to search for photo's? I'm not far from the Museum of the Manchester's in Ashton-Under-Lyne but couldn't find anything the last time I went?

Thanks again,


By the way, I meant Captain and not Cayain (Doh!)

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Re: Captain John Cane Crawford/ Charles Broadhurst
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hiya paul.
i would try the KORL museum,its an excellent museum and very helpful

mack ;D
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Re: Captain John Cane Crawford/ Charles Broadhurst
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Thanks for the reply - I have emailed the museum and below is their response:

Dear Mr Davies,
Thank you for email.
You have clearly been provided with a copy of Private Broadhurst's service record, there is no information I can add in relation to him.
You ask for information from 'military diaries' the best thing is probably the Second Volume of the Regimental History, The King's Own The Story of a Royal Regiment by Colonel LI Cowper published in 1939 by the regiment.  This book is now out of print, but should be available on inter-library loabn.  You do not give an address in your email so I cannot suggest the nearest library/museum which I know to have a copy.
Our website also has more information about the regiment at this time as well as other sources of further information.
I hope that this information is of interest.
Peter Donnelly

I am just wondering that although this is probably the wrong forum for this, does anyone know where I could get a copy of this book?

Thnks again,


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Re: Captain John Cane Crawford/ Charles Broadhurst
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I suggest that you do as Peter Donnelly indicated and that is to go to your local library and ask them to obtain the book on inter-library loan.  No problem apart from your probably having to pay for the postage.

~As far as Jessie  meeting your gt Grandfather.  Being the servant of a serving officer she would certainly have gone to the various dances and parties organised at Ladysmith Barracks - great opportunities for meeting handsome young men and the start of many happy and successful marriages.