Author Topic: 3rd Volunteer Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers?  (Read 3922 times)

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3rd Volunteer Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers?
« on: December 15, 2007, 02:46:41 PM »
I recently downloaded my GGrandfathers service records. On his attestation paper in which he enlists into the 6th Militia Battalion, Manchester Regiment on 22 Oct 1901, he is asked at Q13 'Do you now belong to Her Majesty's Army'. The answer is 'Yes 3VB Lancs Fusiliers' (3rd Volunteer Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers). Is this likely to be previous service? He was aged 17yrs 11 months in Oct 1901. Are the 3rd Volunteer Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers anything to do with the Manchesters in any way?

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In memory of my great grandfather: 9671 Pte Joseph Percy Rothwell, Manchester Regiment (Boer War, Mons, Le Cateau, PoW, Home Guard) & his father, 1090 Pte Joseph Rothwell, 12th (The Prince of Wales's) Royal Regiment of Lancers 1871-1882.

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Re: 3rd Volunteer Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers?
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2007, 10:38:55 AM »
i'm no expert with the lancs fusiliers, so i can't comment on his service with them, but they are a different regiment to the manchesters, with a seperate lineage, but the short answer is no, they are not connected

if you go to the main site, you can download a chart of the territorial/volunteer battalions lineage for the manchesters
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