Author Topic: Tommy Finn, 1st Battalion, FEPOW 1942 - 1945  (Read 2913 times)

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Tommy Finn, 1st Battalion, FEPOW 1942 - 1945
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Hello Again!
I'm getting used to this site now, and have spent a fascinating hour looking through previous questions/answers on FEPOW/1st Battalion topics. More questions keep coming to mind so hope its okay to post more. Dad was born in Mitchelstown, Co.Cork and I alway wondered why in 1934 he moved to England to particularly enlist with the Manchesters, then I saw from old answers they were based in Limerick in the late 1890's. Where can I find out more about the regiment in Limerick say up to the early 1930's? Dad did say there were 16 deserters living in Mitchelstown - does anyone know what would that have been about?
Secondly, Dad wrote a diary during his captivity which I'm trying to trace. In Aug/Sept 1945 he left Naoetsu with others, got on a train and travelled to S. Japan and met up with "some Americans". He gave his diary to an "American Intelligence Officer" in Manila (presumably as potential war crime evidence) but never saw it again. US sites tell me I need to find out the exact unit who debriefed him, but does anyone know how I can do that? He was treated at the American 269 Field Hospital and came home on the H.M.S.Implacable.  Many thanks for any help received. Regards, Kit.