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Re: James William Alexander
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I am presuming you mean the War Diary for the 20th Bn. It is available on Ancestry or at the NA for a small fee.

The first one listed is the one that covers October 1917.


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Re: James William Alexander
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In October 1917, the 20th Manchesters were part of the 7th Division serving in the 22nd Brigade of that division.  Others in that brigade were the 2nd Royal Warwicks., 1st R.Welch Fus. and the 2nd/1st Hon. Artillery Company.  The following month the division was warned for service in Italy, and indeed, the entrainment for the Italian Front began on the 17th November 1917 and detrainment took place at Legnago on the 25th November.

The 7th Division's records under the heading "Battles of Ypres" quote the 9th October 1917 as the Battle of Poelcappelle.  However, the 7th Divisional History quotes the following:-

"The situation on the Division's right front was, however, far from satisfactory.  Accordingly it was arranged that the Division should take over from the Twenty-First the frontage opposite Reutel, and that on October 9th when the British left was tackling Poelcappelle and Houthulst Forest the 22nd Brigade should try its luck against Reutel"

As mentioned above, the 20th Manchesters were in the 22nd Brigade, so it must follow that Pte Alexander was killed in action during the battalion's engagement at Reutel on the 9th October 1917.   Reutel lies south east of Zonnebeke.       PhilipG.