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dover war memoriel project
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some manchesters  on this site including,

Martin, G. S.
George Stiles (Styles) Martin was a Lieutenant in the 5th battalion (Territorial), attached to the 18th battalion, of the Manchester Regiment. He had been in the East Kent Yeomanry at the outbreak of war, and received his commission in the Manchester Regiment in October 1915. He was 26 when he was listed as missing on 23rd April 1917, and a year later, on 14th March 1918, as presumed killed. He is commemorated on the Arras Memorial in France.

He had attended St Mary's school, and been a member of that school's Mission Choir, led by Miss Boyton. Music was in his family, as he was the son of George Munson Martin and A M Martin, who lived at 33 Bartholomew Road, and formerly at 36 Odo Road, Dover, and his father was a member of the orchestra at the Royal Hippodrome in Dover. He endeavoured to discover more of his son's fate. He received two communications from men who had served with him. Private J Upton said, "I saw Second Lieutenant Martin lying near the German wire at Neiuville Street, Vaast. He was very badly wounded in the left side and did not reply when I spoke to him." He added that he feared Mr Martin could not have lived.

Second Lieutenant C. Lawrence said that Mr Martin was acting Captain in his company. "I saw him as we went over the top in the attack on Cherisey on 23rd April 1917. I never saw him again. We reached a small German trench in front of our objective, and were attacked strongly on our right and left. I was severely wounded myself. So far as I know no prisoners were taken on that day, and in my opinion there cannot be any doubt that Mr Martin was killed."    
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