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The liner Ivernia
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While I was looking for some sailors ... I found some soldiers too ... and there is one Manchester man named in the Times ... but I couldn't find him in CWGC ... ( though it could be my eyes ! )


Cunard S.S. Co.; 1900; C. S. Swan & Humer; 14,278 tons; 582x64-9x37-8; 1,668 n.h.p.; 16 knots; quadruple-expansion engines.

The liner Ivernia, commissioned as an auxiliary transport, was torpedoed and sunk on January 1st, 1917, 58 miles S.E. of Cape Matapan when on her way to Alexandria. At the time of the attack the Ivernia was carrying about 2,400 troops of the Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders, Royal Scots Fusiliers, Rifle Brigade and Yeomanry. Of these three officers and 82 other ranks were drowned.
The ship's surgeon, the chief engineer and 34 of the crew were also drowned.
The submarine responsible for the sinking was the UB-47, which was one of the craft sent from Germany to the Mediterranean in sections and assembled at Pola. She was commanded by Lt. Cdr. Steinbauer who had torpedoed the French battleship Gaulois a few days previously.

From 'Dictionary of Disasters at Sea'

The Times published a casualty list for the crew of the Ivernia on the 9 Jan 1917 ( there are quite a few errors ) Also, the ship name for several on CWGC is misspelt "Ivemia" and one "Iverina",

here's a list of 35 names (unless noted otherwise service is Mercantile Marine and Tower Hill Memorial)

BARNES, HENRY, Fireman, age 36
CHEW, ROBERT, Fireman, age 25
EDWARDS, JAMES, Cook, age 26
EDWARDS, JOHN GEORGE, Waiter, age 35
FOULKES, FREDERICK, Scullion, age 20
FREW, JAMES, Donkeyman, age 60
GANAIT, KARL, Trimmer, age 20
GARRIGAN, PATRICK, Fireman, age 33
GILBY, ALBERT JOSEPH, Barkeeper, age 27
GOODWIN, WILLIAM, Waiter, age 39
GRAHAM, WILLIAM, Waiter, age 18
HANIGAN, JAMES, Greaser. age 63
HARPAS, OMEY, Trimmer, Indian Merchant Service, BOMBAY 1914-1918 MEMORIAL
HARRISON, JAMES, Fireman, age 39
HOLLAND, JOHN FRANCIS, Ordinary Seaman, age 15
JONES, JOHN OWEN, 2nd Steward, age 42
McCARTNEY, WILLIAM, Trimmer, age 22
McDERMOTT, EDWARD, Trimmer, age 23
McEVOY, THOMAS, Fireman, age 29
McGUIRK, JAMES, Fireman, age 36
McHALE, JAMES, Fireman, age 35
MORLEY, MARTIN JOSEPH, Fireman, age 41
NOLAN, EDWARD, Seaman, age 24
PARKER, JOSEPH EDMUND, Surgeon, age 54
PHILLIPS, PATRICK, Trimmer, age 20
SHEA, JOHN, Fireman, age 47
SHEA, THOMAS, Fireman, age 20
SHERIDAN, HENRY PATRICK, Able Seaman, age 62
THOMPSON, THOMAS, Boatswain's Mate, age 40
WARD, JOHN JOSEPH, Fireman, age 32

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Re: The liner Ivernia
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I'm not quite sure what happened ... I think they shrank too much !!  ???

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Re: The liner Ivernia
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The ships history and a picture is here:
Cliff P Son of 3525679 Sgt Arthur Phillips 1st Bn Manchester Regiment and RAPC

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Re: The liner Ivernia
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pte c.davis of 159 charles st,ashton wrote home to his mother to say that he was safe and sound,he went on to say that they embarked from marseilles bound for egypt,on 1st jan the lads of the 1/9th manchesters were sat up on deck,at 11 oclock there was a mighty crash,we thought a boiler had burst,but we realised we had been torpedoed,we got into a life boat and moved away from the ship,the life boat became half full of water due to the rough sea,we were picked up 3hrs later by HMS grampas,some trawlers picked up many of the men in the water and we were taken to a greek island and landed at suda bay,we were then quartered in some old greek army barracks,we spent nine days here,then we sailed for alexander where we were met by the red cross,who gave us all a parcel containing soap,toothpaste razor etc
L/cpl 2237 james,a bostock of riverside,dukinfield spent over 3hrs in the sea until he was rescued,being a strong swimmer probably saved his life.
also on deck with me were.
cpl 2872 george macgregor
pte j.slater
pte 1217 harold cooke
pte a.broadhurst
pte g.monks
pte 1198 arthur prestwich

CQMS 300048 william matthews of D.coy,1/8th manchesters was lost in the sinking