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Hello all, my name is Bernie Willoughby, living in SE London.
I wonder if anyone can help with a query about my Great Grandfather. I have only just confirmed - from his son's birth certificate - that he, Sergeant Thomas Kelly (968) died in Barracks at Ashton-under-Lyne on 9 July 1890 aged 34. Unfortunately the copy of his death certificate (from pneumonia) gave no detail of his family as only military staff (Major Leeke MRCS certified and H J H Backhouse (?) was the informant.
Thomas Kelly was a Sergeant (aged 25) with the Battalion in Malta in 1882 when he married my Great Grandmother Filomena, a Maltese girl. My Nan and an elder sister were born in India (Agra and Mooltan respectively) and their son, Thomas, was born in Malta five months after Sgt. Thomas Kelly's death.
I have tried the Manchester Regiment Museum archives at Tameside without success and the National Archives and recently wrote to an address in Ardwick Green which was provided some years ago in a kind response from Captain Bonner who was at the time working in the Museum of the Regiment.
Sorry to go on but can anybody point me in the right direction to find some information? Thanks.

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Re: Hello!
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hi bernie, and welcome to the forum, i cannot help you myself and a few of the mods  are away for the
weekend, how long ago was you in contact with capt Bonner ? could  be more info is available today i will move this post to,Other Manchester Regiment Queries ,  hoping we get more help. tonyrod


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Re: Hello!
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Thanks for the reply Tony. I wrote to the Manchester Regiment Museum in 2005 when I knew little about my Great Grandfather (even the first name was wrong as an error was made on the transcription of my Nan's birth certificate). Captain Bonner replied in August 2005 when he was the Chairman of the Museum. The address I recently wrote to was shown on his letter as the Secretariat, RHQ (1) The Kings regiment, TA Centre Ardwick Green but I believe the Museum has now been transferred to the local Council's facility at Tameside?
Bernie W.

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Re: Hello!
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Hi Bernie, and Welcome to our Forum   ;D

What exactly were you hoping to find out?  Do you have Thomas & Filomena's wedding certificate?

Have you seen this site

Wendi  :)
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