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Re: William Mitchell Moore 96th battalion
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Hi to everybody

Thanks for all your interest in the painting of my 3rd Gt Grandfather.

I had this reply from The Museum of the Manchester Regiment, “I have looked in 'British Army Proficiency Badges by Edwards and Langley and can find no reference to the badge in the combination shown in the image. I would suggest that you email the National Army Museum with your questions as they are recognised as the national experts on the subject of uniform and insignia. As for the painting I am not sure if the uniform is the 96th Ft, the cross-belt plate resembles none in the collection and there is not enough detail on the buttons to make-out any markings. The epaulettes may be a clue but the NAM will tell you more no doubt Regards Garry Smith Curator The Museum of the Manchester Regiment
I have emailed the National Army Museum and sent them the photo, I now eagerly await a reply. If I get any information I will keep you all posted.

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Re: William Mitchell Moore 96th battalion
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Here is the reply from the NAM.

Enquiry: Identification of Uniform and Badges
Thank you for your e-mail dated 10 December 2007, which has been forwarded to me for a reply.
From the detailing visible in the image forwarded I think it most likely that your ancestor was serving in the 96th when this portrait was painted.  The 94th had Green facings (collar and cuffs) whilst the 96th had yellow. The arm badge is that of a Colour Sergeant I believe it is pre 1866, from then the badges were worn on both arms.
Rifle Volunteers generally wore green uniforms; the City of Norwich Rifle Volunteers did wear green, however, I have been unable to confirm the colour worn by the Attleborough Rifle Volunteers.  Neither can I find conclusive evidence of the uniforms worn by the West Norfolk Militia.
I believe the number 90 refers to your ancestors regimental number rather than his service number.
For further information on the Volunteer and Militia Regiments you may wish to contact the Royal Norfolk Regimental Museum, Norfolk Museum Services, Shirehall, Market Avenue, Norwich, NR1 3JQ. E-mail  For the 96th you should contact the Museum of the Manchesters, Ashton Town Hall, Market Place, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 6DL e-mail
I do hope the above information proves to be of interest for your research.
Yours sincerely
Mrs G Brewer
Curator, Department of Uniforms, Badges and Medals

I'm now even more confused!!!

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Re: William Mitchell Moore 96th Regiment
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William Mitchel (just one l) Moore
Birthplace: Norwich, Norfolk
Date of enlistment 1823
Date of discharge from the 96th Regiment 1851
Age on discharge: 44

Last active service 1850

As shown on his discharge papers.