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Hi all
can anyone tell me if it is possible to get a set of medals without having a full service history .
I have the tracer card information from the R E M E muuseum .I have got the form from historical disclosures but no death certs for either mum or dad and since my older sister would be the next of kin this means big problems since she got my dads medals which both mum and dad promised to me.In addition to refusing to allow me to copy photos she would not allow me to copy his medals either.
It seems that the disclosures branch take the money whether or not they give you the information ,and at the moment £30.00 for that & £ 21.00 for death certs is just to much to aford to loose.
I suppose in the end i will have to talk to her though goodness knows why whem she is so awfull.

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Re: medals
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hiya thea.
WW2 medals were not named,you can get them from most dealers or at military fairs,and they are quite cheap.

mack ;D
good luck

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Re: medals
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hi thea, if you know the medals he was awarded you can buy them from lots of dealers and ebay, in general no name or numbers were stamped or engraved on ww2 medals  if you dont know get your sister to tell you what  he was awarded, or get a photo sent  to you, hope you sort it out. tonyrod


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Re: medals
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Thanks Mack  & Tony i dont know what dad did before 1st october 1942 but tranfered to reme and on 6th jan 43 was at the training centre at ashton under lyne i assume this was at ladysmith barracks since her was an ashton lad.and on demob in july 47 discharged to army reserves.Ican remember being shown photos of his war service but as i say they went the same way of the medals.


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Re: medals
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sorry i meant to give you his number 14308972 stanley thomas longsden