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Boer War Web Sites (for Records, Images, Maps, Medals etc.)
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Having done some research recently, I thought others may be interested in the following web sites...

The ANGLO-BOER WAR which has information regarding battles, casualties, generals, disposition maps (see the Spion Kop - Caesar's Camp map), medals, photographs and lots of other goodies, not only British but Boer as well.

THE ANGLO-BOER WAR, 1899-1902 DISCUSSION FORUM has recently been created. OK its in competition with this forum, but it applies to all regiments. There has not been very many contributions so far, but it could develop, as its the only other Boer War specific forum I've found.

The Register of the Second Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902, actually called CASUS BELLI MEDALS AND BOOKS has a database containing 233,000 (and probably growing) records of all those who served. It's technically a pay site, but it can be searched for free by entering a surname (with wildcards) etc. which will let you know if your man has an entry, and what information the database holds, e.g. a Medal Record etc. If you want all the details, you have to pay £1 per entry, but there is a catch, the minimum is £5. It's not so bad if you want to see 5 entries, but it's a bit steep if you only want 1. I've not paid and tried it myself yet, but I may do so in a few days time. Potentially, it could be a gold mine of information.


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Re: Boer War Web Sites (for Records, Images, Maps, Medals etc.)
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Thanks Dave

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Re: Boer War Web Sites (for Records, Images, Maps, Medals etc.)
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Although I know many people have seen this site before ... thought I would post it again ... just in case it will help someone !!  :D


The information on this web page has been taken from the book "A History of Hurst" written by the Reverend Augustus Parry at Christmas 1908, and whilst the order of entries might appear somewhat unique, this is the way they are laid out in the book.

The following men were all members of the Manchester Regiment who took part in the Boer War between 1899 and 1902. The web page details those who died in action, those who died from disease and illness, and also has details of those awarded medals or mentioned in despatches.