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« on: July 21, 2009, 08:25:59 PM »
Hello all, be kind this is my first post!
I am trying to find out about my grandfather, who was medically discharged in the 1940's
and died of cancer in 1947.
I don't know his service dates but my Mother was born in Egypt in 1932.
His service details are: 3521830.... Freeman W... 1st Battalion Manchester Regiment.
This is all I have to go on, but if anyone has any other information or ideas on how I can search further, I would be very grateful.
Thanks Phil

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Re: Grandfather
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hi phil, welcome to the forum, to help you get started, you would be as well sending for his records, see link, and on the main site The Second World War and the time in between are 'work in progress' for the 1st bn ,
someone else could come along later with more info , enjoy tonyrod
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Re: Grandfather
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Hi Phil and Welcome !

As tony says your first port of call should be his service record, which you can obtain via the link tony gave you.  You'll need a copy of his death certificate and �30.  (Widow/ers could obtain them for free.)

Not much else is available regarding service personnel who served after the 1920's as it's all subject to personal info protection, however once you obtain his record you can trace the Regiments and his movements.

Wendi  :)
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