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Does anyone know if the 1st Bn. or part of the Bn. served in any capacity in Cyprus at the time during the EOKA troubles, 1955-59?


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Re: Cyprus
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The 1st Bn having returned from Malaya in May 1954, been presented with New Colours at Harrington Barracks, Formby in the June/Jul went to Berlin in August 1954, we then moved from Berlin down to Minden in Dec or thereabouts 1955 and remained in Minden until c. mid 1957 when we returned to the UK (Formby for a short spell) then down to Warley Barracks Essex where we amalgamated with the King's Regiment in the Sept 1958.
So overall the short answer is no Sphinx, having been in the BN during the period you queried -  neither the whole or part of the the 1st Bn served in Cyprus during the EOKA campaign; having said that there may well have  been 'odd bods' on postings there.
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Re: Cyprus
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Thanks George,

GSM's with "CYPRUS" clasps do exist, but as you say they must just be the odd ones on attachment etc.